More About “Project RED” And NC Ties

PearsonThis past week, we posted a guest article called “Do You Know RED?” which went into detail about the Pearson Foundation project. In it, there was mention of Superintendent Edwards, from Mooresville.


This entry is a little more detail on Mr. Mark Edwards to add to the prior story. A reader who read “Do You Know RED” reached out to me and provided some more information. Below is what they sent to me and it is interesting – Mr. Edwards has extensive Pearson ties.

Quick reminder, Mr. Edwards has a really nice contract loaded with perks paid for by the NC taxpayers. Read the entire contract here.

Below are their comments to me, unedited except for formatting to suit the blog set-up. Follow the links provided, they are illuminating. The last one in the list especially which highlights his Vice Presidency at a testing company and his book had a forward in it from Common Core pushing Jeb Bush.


There is more to the story regarding Pearson and self proclaimed “digital expert” Mark Edwards.

1. MGSD Superintendent Mark Edwards wrote a book, which was published by Pearson. Does he receive any money for this? Would be interesting to know.

More here on Edwards and Pearson

 2. Edwards goes all over the country promoting this blended learning garbage. Who pays for this and how much is he being paid to give keynote speeches all over the US?

3. Prior to coming to MGSD, Edwards worked for Harcourt Assessment. On May 4, 2007, Pearson announced that it had agreed to acquire Harcourt Assessment .

4. Edwards is pushing a large school bond referendum here in Iredell County. See more here:

5. “Edwards, whose daily routine includes readings from the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, insists his work is more about love and respect than Apples and apps.”  Really?





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  1. troutmantom says:

    The local papers will never publish this
    they are all worshipers at the dr Edwards alter.


  2. LMT says:

    I sent this, as well as the original post, to the 3 local newspapers. Let’s see if they will help inform our taxpayers.


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