Generation Opportunity To Hit Hagan With Ad

Familiar with the creepy Uncle Sam videos? The group that did them is turning their attention to Kay Hagan. Generation Opportunity announced yesterday it is making a six figure ad buy in to highlight the policies Hagan has supported that are hurting young people. Watch the ad, called “Opportunity”:

Accompanying Press Release:

Charlotte, NC – (6/11/14) – Generation Opportunity, a youth advocacy organization promoting economic opportunity for 18-34 year olds, is unveiling its first-ever television ads, 15- and 30-second issue advocacy spots highlighting Senator Kay Hagan’s consistent pattern of supporting policies that harm young people.

Generation Opportunity has been active on the ground in North Carolina for over two years and has built a permanent infrastructure in the state including three full-time staff positions. GenOpp has been engaging young people on a wide variety of issues from youth unemployment and student loans to craft brewery and food truck regulations.

Alex Johnson, North Carolina State Director for Generation Opportunity, issued the following statement:

“Young people in my state have born the brunt of Senator Hagan’s failed policies for years now, suffering through an unemployment rate that’s more than twice the general population’s.

“North Carolina’s young people are increasingly dissatisfied with the way Senator Hagan has voted on our behalf, and it’s time we let her know how we want her to represent us.”

Evan Feinberg, President of Generation Opportunity, issued the following statement:

“Senator Hagan once enjoyed the overwhelming support of young people, and she’s repaid that faith by voting against our economic interests at every turn.

“GenOpp is excited to educate young North Carolinians on how Senator Hagan’s voting record has been harmful to their futures. Politicians can no longer take our support for granted while voting against our interests.”

The ad, “Opportunity,” will run on major broadcast networks and cable stations with a large viewing audience of young people throughout the month of June. The campaign will include over $700,000 of television advertising and at least $125,000 of online promotional activities.

Generation Opportunity is a national, non-partisan organization advocating for economic opportunity for young people through less government and more freedom.



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  1. LMT says:

    I saw the ad & I cheered..I could see both my college age daughters being the girl in the video. My college kids WANT to work, but jobs are not available. Both of them are now saddled with a debt load NO 20 something adult should have! It’s about time light is shed on the horrible problem of what our college students face.


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