Occupy Monday 6/9/14 Edition: Kids as Props

It’s Monday. Time to Occupy again.

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This week it’s about Education.
Specifically it looks like they are targeting school choice. Ironically, the same vouchers Occupy Monday are complaining about are specifically for low income students — the very people they claim to be protesting for.

The NC NAACP wasted no time in using kids as props for their flyer. This includes the Defacto Leader of the NC Democrats posing with a child with special needs to promote his agenda:


The hypocrisy of today’s rally is pretty huge.

Reminder, our NC media has refused to report this, but some of folks rallying with Barber have prior criminal records — and not for simply trespass either. What a kid friendly environment. So of course, someone brought their kid to this mess.


Let’s head to Twitter for a recap. Warning, strong amount of stupid and a really creepy puppet ahead.
For More tweets, visit my Storify article.


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