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By A.P. Dillon

When I began writing here at DaTechGuy, I opened with a series of articles that laid out the landscape of the Left in North Carolina called “A Primer on The Left In NC“. You can read parts two, three and four.  One of the main characters in that series is Reverend William Barber of the NC NAACP. He began a series of protests called “Moral Monday”, which in 2013 led to nearly 900 arrests at the NC General Assembly.

These protests are just a “tool of the Democrats in an election year“. 

The list of complaints by this ‘movement’ are what one might expect — demands for more big government, more spending, more Medicaid, opposing  the very popular Voter ID law and a sustained assault on the Republican leadership in the state through a strategy calling for activists to “cripple, eviscerate, pressure and slam” them. Moral Monday desperately wants to emulate the protests in Wisconsin, but to date have yet to do much besides become the punchline to local jokes.

Adding insult to injury for the protests, the policy changes enacted by the Republican held legislature seem to be turning around the economy in North Carolina.  In fact, CEO magazine just dubbed North Carolina the 4th best state for business.  The new NC tax reform package passed in 2013 has been called ‘one of the most significant proposal in the US’ and it ‘blew other states away’ by going from a three-tiered system to a flat rate.

RALEIGH — North Carolina’s tax reform package, cutting the personal income tax rate, is the most significant plan likely to be approved in 2013, an analyst with a national tax reform organization said Tuesday.

Patrick Gleason, director of state affairs at Americans for Tax Reform, spoke to the reduction in the top marginal income tax rate of 7.75 percent that would be drop in 2015 to 5.75 percent

“North Carolina, with a 25 percent reduction in the top rate, pretty much blew the other states away,” Gleason said. Gleason and Elizabeth Malm, an economist with the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, said that North Carolina ranks at the top of the nation in magnitude of tax reforms this year.

Malm said the changes would make North Carolina’s tax code friendlier for business, jumping the Tar Heel State from 44th to 17th in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index.

That index takes into account personal and corporate income taxes, along with sales, unemployment insurance, and property taxes.

The compromise tax reform package announced Monday by GOP Gov. Pat McCrory and General Assembly leaders won initial passage in both legislative chambers Tuesday. Final approval could come today. Then it would be sent to McCrory.

“This is the biggest one we’ve seen this year,” Malm said, referring to amount of money that would stay in taxpayers’ pockets instead of going to the state as a result of the proposal.

“Even though [the plan appears] modest, it looks like it’s over $700 million in tax cuts,” Malm said. – Carolina Journal, 7/17/13


Occupy Monday

Well, Occupy Monday has returned. They had a welcoming party for the legislators when the short session began which was sparsely attended. This week, the Memorial Day holiday got in their way, so their event was held on Tuesday the 27th.   I don’t use the term ‘Moral Monday’ and haven’t for some time.

I prefer Occupy Monday since the protests generally mimic a lot of what we saw Occupiers doing in the past. Occupy Wall Street concurs.That kind of past activity  being seeing again includes camping out, which is what 14 of the protesters did this week. A collection of the Occupy Monday crowd brought sleeping bags and ordered pizza as they sat in the office of Thom Tillis. Tillis is the challenger to embattled Democrat Senator Kay Hagan. The protesters were finally arrested for trespassing after being told to disperse eight times by police.

Note this Tweet came from “Raise Up For 15”. That’s one of the many Union minimum wage protest outfits we’ve seen encouraging fast food workers to strike. Two of those arrested were wearing Raise Up t-shirts. Conveniently, Reverend Barber was not arrested with his flock.

The woman in the loud pink shirt  in the Tweet above is “Minister Rubye Harris”.  Local North Carolina new media outlet, Carolina Plott Hound, learned that Harris already had a criminal record, so being arrested for her was likely not as big a thrill as it was for the others. You can view their mug shots, video of Rubye Harris speaking on behalf of the arrestees and some vague demands for “change” at ABC-11.

You can see more pictures and get more details on the Occupy Monday protest held on 5-27-14  on my personal blog, LadyLiberty1885.com. I’ll be covering the antics by this collection of Far Left Democrat endorsed activists all Summer and bringing the news here to you at DaTechGuy. Catch up on the activity so far this year and from 2013 at my archive.


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A.P. Dillon is a freelance journalist and is currently writing at The North State Journal. She resides in the Triangle area of North Carolina. Find her on Twitter: @APDillon_
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