NCGOP: Moral Monday is Occupy 2.0

Moral Monday is Occupy 2.0? Sounds familiar… hey, that’s I’ve been calling them for months now!  Welcome to the party NCGOP!

I’ll be covering Occupy Monday in my weekly national column at DaTechGuy blog tomorrow morning.  Tune in, kids!

NCGOP Press release:

May 28, 2014
Contact: Todd Poole
FROM: Claude Pope, Chairman, North Carolina Republican Party
TO: North Carolina Media
RE: Time For the Media To Stop Giving The Rev. William Barber And Kay Hagan A Free Pass

Last night, we literally witnessed the far-left “Moral Monday” movement officially turn into the radical Occupy Movement 2.0. William Barber is not interested in a productive dialogue, he is only concerned with attracting media attention and re-electing Kay Hagan.

As reported by the Associated Press, the Rev. William Barber and his supporters are left-wing activists pushing a liberal political agenda, which they hope will result in the re-election of Kay Hagan in November.

Barber and his so-called “moral Monday” activists have demonstrated time after time that they are a fringe group devoted to attracting as much media attention as they can.

And North Carolina’s media outlets are more than happy to oblige. The North Carolina media still covers these political rallies and stunts as serious news stories regardless of how ridiculous their attention-seeking events get, as we saw last night.

It’s time for the media to acknowledge the painfully obvious: William Barber is a left-wing Democrat Party activist and a spokesman/surrogate for Kay Hagan’s re-election campaign.

It’s time for the media to stop ignoring William Barber’s use of controversial and divisive rhetoric, like calling South Carolina U.S. Senator Tim Scott (an African-American Republican) a “ventriloquist’s dummy,” then refusing to apologize.

And it’s time for the media to stop giving Sen. Kay Hagan and the Rev. William Barber a free pass and starting asking some real questions:

  • Does Kay Hagan endorse all of William Barber’s far-left positions? Can she point to any of Barber’s far-left positions that she disagrees with?
  • Why does Kay Hagan refuse to attend any “moral Monday” political rallies? Would she have personally joined the “sit-in” political stunt at Speaker Tillis’ office last night if she had the opportunity? Does she condone Barber’s ridiculous attention-seeking political stunts?
  • Is Kay Hagan’s campaign or her U.S. Senate office coordinating messaging or strategy with William Barber? Has Hagan met with Barber?
  • Does Kay Hagan condone William Barber’s use of divisive and inflammatory language, including calling her colleague Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) a “ventriloquist’s dummy”? Can we assume that she approves, considering she never condemned the hateful comments when they were originally made in January?

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