Harry Reid Sends Stalker To Tillis Victory Party

In the world of Harry Reid and his #DarkMoney filled Senate Majority PAC, nothing is too creepy or too stalkerish to support Kay Hagan with. That includes sending someone to film an attack ad at her Thom Tillis’s primary victory party. Or was this staged? It’s hard to tell – which is creepy in an of itself that they would replicate it down to teleprompter placement and lighting fixtures. For the sake of argument, let’s assume it really happened, because that’s Harry Reid’s classy kind of style.

If Senate Majority PAC really did film it there — this is right up there with the Dole ‘Godless’ video that boomeranged back at her campaign.  The spittake inducing claims in it really were like putting icing on a cowpie cake. It’s incredibly distasteful and really shows how desperate the Democrats are.  Then again, distasteful, crazy and lying  is what we’ve come to expect from Harry Reid these days.


Nice job Kay — you have toxic Obama and nasty Reid in your corner. If it wasn’t clear  before to some what kind of candidate you are…it is now.

Cleanse your palate, watch Thom Tillis’s real acceptance speech.


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