Hagan Grabs A Shovel To Dig Her Own Grave

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Kay Hagan has been running from her Obamacare record for the better part of a year now. No comment in the media, dodging her constituents — Even when the President himself came to town, Hagan was nowhere to be found.  Hagan was even so desperate and Obamacare so toxic, that she tried to tag her current opponent as having liked the idea of Obamacare in the past. How’d that tactic work out for ya, Kay?

It’s true. Obamacare is toxic. Obamacare is killing Democrats nationwide, Hagan is no different with over 300,000 canceled policies in North Carolina. Political career tombstones are lining up as November approaches. Each with a ‘R.I.P – Obamacare Democrat’ written on them.

Now, Hagan is grabbing the shovel and helping to dig her own grave.

— U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, who faces a tough re-election campaign, on Thursday came out strongly in favor of the Affordable Care Act – an issue her Republican challenger Thom Tillis has been hammering at for months.

During the confirmation hearing of Sylvia Mathews Burwell, who has been nominated to head the Department of Health and Human Services, and later in an interview, Hagan spoke out in favor of the expansion of Medicaid under the ACA, saying it would provide health coverage for 500,000 people in the state who need it. – News and Observer, May 8, 2014

Quick question: Does that 500k include the over 300k who lost their policy, Kay? Are you trying to cover your tracks?

NC wisely opted out of the Medicaid expansion. NC was in a $2.7 billion plus debt hole, thanks to former Governor Perdue. Medicaid overruns were over 500 million. I refer to an excerpt from what I had previously written in my weekly DaTechGuy column on NC Medicaid below. This excerpt was included in the article “One Man’s Struggle With Obamacare”:

Medicaid costs the NC taxpayers roughly $13 billion a year. That’s a lot of money that needs to have a strong accountability of where it is spent. Given what we know about Former Governor Perdue putting NC in the poor house debt-wise, accountability of the taxpayers dollar has come to the forefront.

Aside from Medicaid being a massive, costly expansion of an entitlement, Obamacare brought a new requirement into Medicaid that altered eligibility to include household income of up to 138 percent of the federal poverty line and added adults with no children into the mix. The Federal government would have paid the first three years of the expansion, but after that a minimum of 10 percent would come back on North Carolina to pay — remember, it already, as is, costs roughly $13 billion. The net effect of expanding Medicaid in NC would have been financially irresponsible given the massive debt Governor Perdue left behind with  her reckless mismanagement of unemployment insurance. Suggested reading: Medicaid Expansion: A Quick Primer

The above excerpt was part two… read part one:  #Obamacare Coverage: “Play the game” (aka lie)

Having said all of that on Medicaid, Kay Hagan evidently would like North Carolinians to go back into massive debt and be chained to the federal government some more. Thanks, but NO THANKS, Kay.

Meanwhile… Obamacare Costs Keep Rising In NC
All of this support from Hagan comes in the face of rate hikes and the doubling of premium fees in North Carolina:

By the way, the Lie Of The Year is about to have company as big companies get ready to dump their employees plans.

Thank Kay Hagan this November. Fire her.

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