#NCDEMS Outta Cash?

An Executive Council member who attended the meeting said embattled party Chairman Randy Voller told members the party is “broke,” with only $60,000 in the bank.  – WRAL

Aw gee, the NC Dem Party is chaired by Randy Voller having money troubles? That’s a shocker. Democrats are probably glad WRAL’s article is mercifully short; but the blog Who The Hell Is George points out the article is also a little short on facts.

The NC Democrat party is indeed suffering. I can’t imagine their far Left push and association with Moral Monday is helping fundraising efforts in a state where Democrats traditionally have trended more centrist than Left.  Chairman Voller’s attempt to bring the accused serial sexual harasser and general controversy stirring Ben Chavis on board to further promote that march to the Far Left didn’t help.  Related Flashback: Democrats Are Melting Down In NC

Well, the money isn’t pouring into the NC state Dem party for moving farther Left, so perhaps a new direction is needed:

Money quote from the Journal Now article linked in the Tweet:

Voller, 45, represents the activist flank of the Democratic Party and rejects the traditional role of a chairman as a figurehead fundraiser.

He moved his party’s stance further to the left, endorsing the “Moral Monday” protests that ended in mass arrests and pushing for legislation legalizing medical marijuana – positions that put elected officials in a tough spot.

DUH. The citizens of NC are underwhelmed by the vitriol, rhetoric, hypocrisy and increasing occupy-union style tactics being employed by Rev. Barber and his band of far Left Money Monday protesters. We’ve seen this movie before. It ends with the taxpayer footing the bill for what boils down to a socialism themed, big government is God type temper tantrum set to the sounds of a drum circle and trite chanting.

The article in the Tweet above also reveals another reason why the coffers at the NC Dems is running low. Kay Hagan.

But the upheaval is forcing U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s campaign to distance itself from the N.C. Democratic Party. Instead of creating a joint campaign committee through the state party, the standard practice, Hagan’s camp acknowledged Friday it would partner with the Wake County Democratic Party. The county party will serve as the hub for an operation that will raise millions to elect Democrats and more than a hundred staffers to get out the vote. Through the coordinated campaign, known for now as Forward North Carolina, the county party is establishing a federal election committee. The move allows wealthy donors who give the $5,200 maximum to Hagan’s campaign to also donate to the coordinated effort. Both political parties operate such accounts. – Journal Now

I think that speaks less to the turmoil and more to the panic of the Hagan campaign as her poll numbers continue to circle the drain. Just like she is sprinting to distance herself from Obama, she’s doing it again with the NC Democratic Party.

The Wake Dems haven’t kept their fingers out of the Moral Monday pie though.

The link goes to MSNBC’s article from Melissa “all your kids belong to us” Harris-Perry’s article entitled: North Carolina’s ‘Moral Monday’ protests are only the beginning

By the way, the Wake Dems also hosted Reverend Barber at their recent February meeting.  Keep marching Left, NC Dems!

Related Democrat Financial News:

Coal Giant’s $10 Million Loan to Democrats Is Now a $10 Million Donation – Mother Jones

A Duke Energy official told the Charlotte Observer on Thursday that Democratic officials would not repay the $10 million they owe the company. Instead, Duke Energy will write off the loan as a business expense. Shareholders are expected to absorb $6 million of the cost of the loan.

In effect, Duke Energy’s “loan” has turned out to be a $10 million contribution to the Democratic convention. Duke CEO Jim Rogers hinted at this possibility in an interview with theObserver last month, when it was becoming clear the Democrats might not repay the company. “At the end of the day, we’ll do our best to get our money back,” he said. “But if we don’t, it’s just a contribution we’re making I think for the greater good of our community.”

The decision by Democratic organizers not to repay the loan smacks of hypocrisy. In the run-up to the convention, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the chair of the Democratic National Committee, vowed that convention organizers would not accept corporate money.

More at Washington Times.

UPDATE: Thanks to Carolina Plott Hound for linking!

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