Here Comes Occupy Monday

Rev. Billy sure is busy these days. Flying all over the place like Florida:

The crowd heard from many speakers and groups, including Reverend William Barber of the North Carolina Moral Monday rallies, the NAACP, the Florida AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood and progressive churches, mosques and synagogues.

Congresswoman Corrine Brown also addressed the crowd, “The truth is when we are in politics, we only have two choices: one is the low road to destruction, and the other is the pathway to higher ground.” Invoking Dr. Martin Luther King, Barber stated, “I’m reminded that the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”  – Fight Back News

And now, the Reverend is apparently headed to Wisconsin. Who is paying for all this travel by the way?

I don’t usually link to the Daily KoS — well, actually I don’t I’ve ever linked to them because most of their articles read like a reddit infighting on shrooms or that awkward moment when that uncle at the family picnic gets totally lit and hits on his own niece. You have to see how overwhelmed with sweat they are that Reverend Barber is coming to Wisconsin. Don’t bother much with the article, it’s fanboy drivel. Check out the poster:

“Labor and the Working Class Project”?  Google that and you get Haven’s Center for the study of Social Justice, which is part of the Sociology department at the University of Wisconsin. Parents sending their kids there are getting a full course of brainwashing goo, just read the mission statement. It’s really just a gateway or groundwork for teaching socialism. By the way, socialists are alive and well in North Carolina. You might recognize The Southern Workers Assembly? They love Moral Monday and you can be sure they are cheering more involvement by unions.

This Haven Center’s “Labor and Working Class Project” was also responsible for supplementing the protest numbers during the Union temper tantrum  in Madison with their group “Fighting Forward“. Check out Fighting Forward’s co-sponsor’s list.

Here Comes Occupy Monday

So Rev. Billy is headed to Wisconsin?  Makes sense, he needs to get in touch with big labor to start making bigger waves in the South. It also makes sense to fuse the raise the minimum wage movement, fast food strikes and Moral Monday. Re-creating the noise and furor of the protests in Madison is a likely goal.

Unions were behind occupy. When that started to fizzle, they moved their resources into fast food and retail worker protests, which I called Occupy 2.0 for the sake of continuity. Reverend Barber is involved with these protests, as I’ve documented before.

Union involvement in Moral Monday has always been there, but I think we’re about to see it play a bigger role. I suppose we can now use the term Occupy Monday, because that’s where Moral Monday is headed as unions start co-opting it on a larger scale to Organize the South or Die — remember that campaign is Big Labor’s top priority. Paul Chesser at National Legal and Policy Center notes that priority:

“What we see in the South today is a growing movement for economic justice. Just look at the Moral Monday protests in my home state of North Carolina….If unions grow this movement by investing in southern states, we can change the South and by doing so, we can change the nation.”

Last year, at its annual convention in Los Angeles, the national AFL-CIOpassed  a resolution  to make a long-term commitment to a Southern organizing strategy a top priority. The decree identified various minority groups as part of the “working class and oppressed peoples,” including illegal immigrants, and recognized the need to join forces with local activists in order to sustain momentum for the Left.

“A successful Southern organizing strategy,” the AFL-CIO resolution read, “must include Southern people familiar with local culture and customs.” – NLPC

Read the whole thing. There’s a lot more.

So…cue screaming Madison loon coming to a Southern town near you?


Update – Thank you to Carolina Plott Hound for linking!

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  3. cooldela1966 says:

    We cannot have this. Rev. Barber must stay here in North Carolina where he is loved. He should be organizing his campaign for Governor of North Carolina. He is the only one qualified to challenge McCrory in 2016. The North Carolina Democratic Party must insist that Rev. Barber be our standard bearer in 2016. The state is counting on you, Reverend. Please answer the call and lead North Carolina to the promised land.


  4. The all you can eat restaurants in the areas best out, Rev. Billy is on the loose!


  5. Maybe we could pay the people of Wisconsin to keep the Rev. Billy.


  6. Kirk Smith says:

    The Monday Marching Marxist Mob and their merry band of progressives will certainly push for the union label in North Carolina. Stay tuned!


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