Hagan Sprinting From Her Record On #Obamacare

If you want to see an epic example of what lengths a politician will go to in order to save their own rear, one has to look no further than North Carolina’s Kay Hagan. Hagan’s camp is doing a total about-face out of pure desperation.

True Believer

Hagan is one of the true believers in the President’s “Affordable Healthcare Act” that the public has dubbed Obamacare.  She’s not been duped nor has the President. They lied to suit their end goal. Now she’s on the ropes and unlike during the government shut down, Hagan can’t just disappear.

From day one, she was on team O-Care. She still is, but her re-election is at stake now.   The cancellations are rolling in, premiums are skyrocketing, the healthcare site is a disaster and Democrats like Kay are panicked and spinning like tops.

“North Carolina 160,000″ (“State By State: 3.5 Million Insurance Policies Canceled,” The Associated Press , 11/2/13)


As North Carolinians grapple with some of the biggest premium rate increases in the country and with letters of cancellation landing in thousands of mailboxes state-wide, Hagan is looking for anything and anyone to shift the blame. Just like Obama, Hagan needs a shiny villain for people to focus on instead of her.

That blame shifting includes complaining that the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and Americans For Prosperity are for running ads about her Obamacare record.  Dear Kay, you made your ACA bed. Now lie in it. Your faux outrage, phony probe and Olympic style back pedaling in an content empty blog post is frankly insulting. Speaking of that ‘probe‘… here ya go, Senator:

Lies, Lies, Lies

We remember those form letters you sent to those of us who expressed concern. We will be remembering the lies that this President and administration told. Lies that you repeated, Senator Hagan.  Heck, they are STILL lying. Just read about it in the WaPo how this administration is fudging enrollment numbers. 2014 is coming and half of those polled in North Carolina want you out.

North Carolina deserves real representation for its people and for the interests of our state, not a Senator who is more concerned with mining money from special interests in DC and NYC.  They definitely deserve representation from a Senator who does not have a personal stake in the HealthCare.gov website. NCGOP:

Raleigh, NC – Kay Hagan owns stock in UnitedHealth Group Inc., a company that owns a subsidiary which has accepted partial blame for the failures of the Healthcare.gov website.

  • “A UnitedHealth Group Inc. subsidiary accepted partial blame Thursday for the poor initial performance of the website designed to sign up millions of Americans for insurance under the federal health care overhaul.” (Jim Spencer, “UnitedHealth Group unit says it fixed its exchange flaws,” Minneapolis Star Tribune, 10/24/13).

However, the UnitedHealth Group Inc. unit was also recently tapped by the Obama administration to fix the Healthcare.gov website.

  • “The Obama administration said Friday it has named a unit of UnitedHealth Group Inc. to oversee repairs to its troubled health-insurance website and for the first time gave a specific estimate—the end of November—for when the site would be fixed.”  (Jennifer Corbett Dooren, “White House Sets Late-November Target for Fixes to Health Site,” Wall Street Journal, 10/25/13).

Hagan’s financial disclosure form, which shows her investment in UnitedHealth Inc. can be found here (go to Annual Report dated 8/13/13, and go to page 20 of 42, line 597)

Turns out Hagan owns stock in United Healthcare Group Incorporated — one of the groups being blamed for such a horrible website launch and also being tasked to fix it. I’m sure a lot of people have similar holdings, but it they didn’t vote for and endorse a nationally imposed set of taxes tied to the healthcare of the populace.

So just remember folks, Kay doesn’t really care if you’ve been lied to.  She cares that she gets to go back to Washington next year. How about we take a page from the Obamacare coverage lie book: If you like your job Kay, you can keep your job.

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