Daily Show Helping To Try #VIVA In The Media?

The Liberals in North Carolina have waged a campaign against North Carolina’s voter ID law that has been so full of fail. Their latest complaint is that it makes it burdensome for married women to get ID with their married name on it.. or something. The arguments by Liberals in this state are so bad, they had to call in outside reinforcements  – The Daily Show.

Somehow, The Daily Show unearthed a GOP precinct chair gullible enough to go on their show and think he was going to get a fair shake. What resulted was a chop-shop, signature Daily Show “interview’ skit that cast Don Yelton as a giant vote suppressing racist. GO FIGURE.

The Left  has no leg to stand on and needs to win this in the court of public opinion. This is just one incident of what we can imagine will be many more to come before the law takes effect in 2016.

Read about it in my Storify Article:  Daily Show Helping To Try #VIVA In The Media?

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