#BENGHAZI: Nakoula Released, Issa Trip Leaked; Updates

Last month, we had Democrats taking a pass on listening to testimony from the parents of the murdered among other updates. At the end of September, we have learned that the YouTube ‘film maker’ released, a trip to Libya by Issa was somehow leaked, more stolen weapons and in October, Obama’s questionable letter to one of the victim’s parents has been circulated.

Nakoula Released

The only scapegoat person to serve time for the assault on our mission in Benghazi was released last month.  Hot Air:

More than a year after the terrorist attack in Benghazi claimed the lives of four Americans, including the first American ambassador killed in the line of duty in 33 years, critics of the Obama administration like to point out that none of the terrorists have been apprehended, but the filmmaker that the White House scapegoated still sits in prison.  The latter half of that argument becomes moot today, as Nakoula Basseley Nakoula/Mark Basseley Youssef will officially exit federal custody.

More Weapons Missing

Previously it was reported that 400 Surface To Air Missiles among other weapons went missing in Libya. Now it’s been reported that hundreds of weapons, including armored vehicles, given to the Libyans for training have been stolen.  FOX News:

Issa’s Trip Leaked

Darrell Issa’s trip to Libya was leaked by Rep. Elijah Cummings and left the Congressman in danger from terrorists. Was this a move to get Issa to cancel the trip? Likely, however it failed. Issa went anyway.  Someone has to, since the Obama administration pulled the Ops team looking for suspects out in August.  Daily Caller:

A leaked State Department email indicates that officials were worried about the safety of House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa after Democrats revealed his plans for a secret trip to Libya this week.

Issa, a Republican from California, has safely returned from his fact-finding trip to the country as his committee continues to investigate the terrorist attacks that killed America’s ambassador and three others in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012.

CBS News reported Thursday on an email that quoted a Libyan national sharing “his concern and his opinion that Representative Issa should not come to Libya for his own safety.”

The email reports that the Libyan thinks, “the people who would harm Rep. Issa are the same people who conducted the Benghazi attacks.”

Earlier this month, Issa went on record laying blame for Benghazi at the feet of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Clinton is now famous for claiming “what difference does it make” in response to the question about who is responsible for the deaths of the four Americans the night of the attack. That one will come back to haunt her in 2016.  Daily Caller:

“We know from Hillary Clinton on down there was a policy of normalization to make it appear as though we had won the war on terror,” Issa said. “I was in Libya just the other day, and one thing that I came back with was a strong opinion that that ‘stand down’ had everything to do with the fight between Department of State headed Hillary Clinton and the Defense Department, and that ultimately, State was willing to put their assets in, and did not want any military assets in, because they did not want to escalate what ultimately should have been escalated to a real rescue mission.”

Issa harshly criticized Clinton’s role in the U.S. response to the attack and took a dim view of her congressional testimony.

“Secretary Clinton famously said, ‘What difference does it make?’ It makes a difference whether or not you were leading an organization that cared about the people beforehand, did everything it could during the attack, and whether you told the truth afterwards. [I]n this case, she fails all three tests.”

Father of Tyrone Woods Receives Letter

The father of Tyrone Woods, Charles Woods, sent a letter to President Obama asking some very specific questions about the night his son was murdered by terrorists in Benghazi.  These questions were also discussed at the House Oversight hearing previously mentioned at the start of this article. President Obama answered Mr. Woods, but dodged his specific questions or giving any real information.

Questions included are below via Breitbart’s article that did a breakdown of the reply by President Obama:

Why did the president not give “cross-border authority” to rescue the 30 Americans that needed to be rescued?

Who made the decision to “stand down,” and when and why was that decision made?

Is it true that General Ham was relieved from duty for refusing to follow the order not to rescue?

If the president’s child had been in Benghazi, would the rescue attempt have been more aggressive?

Obama’s Response, emphasis added:

On that tragic day, I directed my national security team to do everything possible to respond to the attacks against our people and facilities in Benghazi. The United States Government considered a range of options and deployed additional military capabilities, but as our military leaders have said, the military forces needed to carry out the type of operation you describe were not close enough to have made a difference. Please know that my actions would have been the same if the attack had been against my own family. The sad truth is that attacks happened so rapidly that U.S. forces could not arrive in time to prevent the loss of our brave Americans.

So, the President would have done the same thing if it was his family? Really? Let’s remember where he was that night, shall we? Oh wait, sorry — we don’t KNOW for sure. What we have to assume here is that President Obama would have hit the hay early to get some rest before a big fundraiser in Las Vegas,  because that is what we have been told that the President did. He was absent that night and the next day was on a plane to Vegas.

Nice Deb has video of Mr. Woods telling Mike Huckabee about the letter when he was on the show:

The president even told Woods, “Please know that my actions would have been the same if the attack had been against my own family.”

There was an audible groan in Huckabee’s studio audience when Woods said that.

UPDATE: The original version was removed along with the account that posted it. Here is another version:

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