More Shiny Objects From Kay Hagan

Senator Hagan? Have the Koch Brothers declared their intent to run in North Carolina? She keep sending me emails about them…

This hypocrisy of Hagan’s is getting a bit tedious, especially when she’s accepted money from all over the country. More of Hagan’s campaign of hate, patterned on Obama’s campaign fundraising strategy: Find a dissenting target, make the people afraid of them and then pump it for all the money you can.

Hagan’s SQUIRREL!!!!

Hagan isn’t stopping with the eeeeevil Koch Brothers — she needs cover on Obamacare. Senator Hagan supported and still supports it 110%. She wants to make sure you don’t ask her about it though. Behold, the same bullshit talking points coming out of the Navigators and the Obama administration:

Take the mailer’s advice. CALL 704-334-2448 and let Kay know just how sick of this crap you are.

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  1. Nothing could be finer than knocking her out of the Senate and watching her pay for her high dollar insurance, that she voted for.


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