Why Go Dirty?

It really was inevitable that Anthony Wiener (AKA Carlos Danger) would “Stick it out” sooner or later.  This is a guy who seems to love being in the spotlight in more ways than one outside of politics and his marriage. That being said, through all the hashtag banter and faux Facebook pages set up for our dear Mr Danger, I really have to ask a question…

Why did Sydney Leathers/Sydney Elaine (@sydneyelainexo) go to the Dirty.com?  Before Ms. Leathers blocked, deactivated, and deleted the majority of her profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and FormSpring, I managed to get a screen shot of some of her followers from her Facebook page.  I count at least four reporters/journalists just at a glance in the shot.  Believe me, there were many more but since I don’t have the evidence I will not name them.

This is a woman who claimed to be a “Political News Junkie” that followed the Huffington Post, CNN, Daily Kos and the like. This is an online rag that specializes in posts of drunk college girls, strippers, athletes behaving badly and is the subject of multiple lawsuits.  So what made her go to what I call a sleazy version of the National Inquirer?

Now I do have to give The Dirty a little bit of credit for breaking a few stories like Ben Quayle Arizona Congressman (R) actually being a secret poster to the site, and Ashton Kutcher cheating on Demi (I guess that was news.)  However, that is all the credit I will give.

I have a message to Ms. Leathers….oh the progressive and political savvy sage that you think you are: Why if you believe in  women’s rights and believe there is a “war on women” (the narrative of most Liberal females) would you take your story to a misogynistic, degrading, exploitation site whose main targets are usually women?  That is quite shameful, I say, and I must call you out for it.  You obviously are more interested in gratuitous news porn than you are in politics or the rights of women.

-Liberty Speaks

UPDATE:  Robert Stacy McCain has a great article in The American Spectator to go with my question.  The Pervert Party

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2 Responses to Why Go Dirty?

  1. Actually, I answer this question at The American Spectator today: No liberal journalist would have published these sleazy details. Sydney Leathers had to tell her tale to Nik Richie because everyone at the New York Times, et cetera, was actively helping to rehabilitate Anthony Weiner’s “progressive” career.


    • Liberty Speaks says:

      Robert, Great piece and explanation. The Liberal media once again failed to report the news in favor of the agenda of the left. In an ironic move this woman went to what borders on a porn site to share her story. I guess my next question would be Did she try to go somewhere else first with it? or did she purposefully not want to sully the narrative of the Liberal news?


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