#IRS Scandal Conservative Groups Hearing Roundup

Yesterday multiple Conservative groups who were targeted by the IRS gave testimony in front of the House Ways and Means Committee.  The details revealed were both horrifying and chilling as well as a testament to how out of control our government and this administration are.

All of the testimony given should be required viewing, especially that of Becky Gerritson. Thanks to The Right Scoop for capturing it and many of the videos linked further down in this post. Watch:

One of the most appalling moments we’ve seen in these IRS related hearings came from Rep. McDermott, where he blamed the Conservative groups for being targeted by applying for tax exempt status in the first place. Watch:

Rep. Paul Ryan was not about to let McDermott’s comments stand and was cheered loudly for doing so. Watch:


Very good question. I think the people of his district need to retire him, lest they be blamed for anything the government does to them.

Key Points:

Becky Gerritson testifies that she received a letter from Lois Lerner, confirming that Lerner indeed was involved. (Link)

John Eastman of NOM (National Organization for Marriage) testified the IRS gave out tax documentation without authorization to parties other than his own group. (Link)

Kevin Kookogey of LynchPins of Liberty described the invasive nature of the questions sent to him, stating “identify those whom I train — and that I inform the federal government in detail what I am teaching my students.” Consider that statement and that Kookogey deals mainly with children. He also lost a 30k launch grant.  (Link)

Video Clips:

I urge you not to skip viewing any of these clips. They are all important and all very powerful.

John Eastman fires back at Rep. Blumenauer

Karen Kenny testifies before Congress on how IRS targeted her group.

Dianne Belsom tells Congress: I am outraged by the accusation we are subsidized by taxpayers

Rep Aaron Schock calls out OFA

Acting IRS Commissioner appears before Congress

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