Paul Kevin Curtis and the Ricin Letters

NOTE: This post was embargoed by LL1885 pending confirmation of the suspect’s identity. We did not want to get the wrong guy.  It was written at 2:16 pm EST and held until now.

Paul Kevin Curtis Arrested for Ricin Letters

My co-blogger, Liberty Speaks, stumbled onto the following after reading about the letters containing Ricin sent to Wicker and Obama. Liberty Speaks began tracing this early this morning and we just now saw the FBI announced they have arrested one Paul Kevin Curtis. It would seem that Liberty Speaks had the right guy this morning. She nailed it!

How We Found Him

Liberty speaks, out of curiosity, started this morning started searching one of the key phrases said to be in the letters as reported by FOX News:

An FBI bulletin obtained by Fox News said the letter sent to Obama is still being screened, though it initially tested positive.

The bulletin said both letters included the phrase: “To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”

Both were signed, “I am KC and I approve this message.”

The first hit was tied to a Chiropractor practice called Baker Chiropractic. Here is the link address which shows one of the key phrases above:

At the bottom of the page is the exact quote from the letters, seemingly made by Dr. Baker of whom the Chiropractic practice is named:

“To see a wrong and not expose it, is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”
– Dr John Raymond Baker

On that same page, just below the quote in question, is another link:

This link leads to an article called The BARBARIANS Guarding the Gates of Dialogue by Jim Kirwan.  It is an article, or rather a bit of a rant, about censorship and freedom of speech. It also discusses political correctness and about Kirwan getting into a debate with another page’s moderator. The moderator’s name was Kevin Curtis. Curtis describes himself as a ‘Mississippi activist’, according to Kirwin’s article:

“Mr. Kirwan, I applaud you and anyone else out there who has the courage to step up to the plate with no fear of retaliation from those with something to lose by the threat that those who speak out and take action may cause…know what I mean? Kevin Curtis, Mississippi Activist”

Kirwin also posts Curtis’ business information:

“Kevin Curtis, Master of Impressions, Star Tribute Entertainment, INC. WWW.GEOCITIES.COM/ELVISGUY4U/

Bear in mind, Kevin Curtis’ initials are KC. The same initials as in the letters containing Ricin. This could have just be a bad coincidence or just dumb luck that we stumbled onto the page.


Liberty Speaks decided to Google Kevin Curtis, ‘Elvisguy’ and came up with his Facebook page. On that page, several posts caught the eye, one, in particular, was promoting a friend for mayor and included references to both President Obama and Senator Wicker. The post included the phrase:

“This is KC and I approve this message” (link to page) *Update 4/27/13 – Page was removed.

Also on the About tab for Curtis, we find the other phrase from the Ricin letters:

“To see a wrong and not expose it,
is to become a silent partner to its continuance.”
©Star Tribute EntertainmentTM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

*Update Note: Curtis has altered his Facebook page and removed these two quotes since we started researching him. While we did not get a screenshot of the above quotes, we did grab some others:

This could have been just coincidence, so at the time I (LL1885) started digging along with Liberty Speaks and came up with another instance of Mr. Curtis using the same phrase on the RipOffReport. At the bottom of what is clearly a strongly worded letter, we find a similar signature:

This is Kevin Curtis and I approve this report.

Booneville, Mississippi

What’s more, in the letter posted by Curtis on RipoffReport, he references Senator Wicker:

I sent letters to State Representative Roger Wicker, Senator Trent Lott and Thad Cochran. I never heard a word from anyone. I even ran into Roger Wicker several different times while performing at special banquets and fundraisers in northeast, Mississippi but he seemed very nervous while speaking with me and would make a fast exit to the door when I engaged in conversation leading up to my case against NMMC.

A third site also contains a similar signature. From the comments on the article, DA-elect Kelly starts housecleaning by firing five attorneys:

Elvisguy     December 8, 2011

Justice is sweet & I waited 10 years to hear news like this. One of the Assistant DA’s listed in Patsy B’s article put a loaded gun to my head in 2003 and more than a half dozen kangaroo court hearings took place “after I” filed charges againt the ada for assault. I was the one who went to jail over and over again b/c the legal/justice/court system in n/e Ms was broken & still is. Trent Kelly is a good man. An honest man and the only attorney who looked me in the eye at court & said what was taking place was “not right”. I saw integrity in his eyes. James Moore was tricked into representing the intoxicated ada who almost took my life during a heated debate about corruption in Ms a few days before the Annual Elvis Presley festival. He was not happy that I fired him THEN and he was willing to kill me that night. It is a miracle of God that Pat Rasberry of the Tupelo CVB drove up when she did but she was/is also corrupt and was the person who hired the ada to play guitar behind the show “Double Trouble” that I created. They tried to go on with the show without me and keep me in jail but thanks to Jimmy D Shelton & his son Jason I got out on appeal just in time to perform for the Elvis Festival and even got to meet Little Richard! Yee Haww! lol This news of the 5 attorneys being fired is the best Christmas gift I could ask for. Thank you Jesus and thank you Trent Kelly. Justice has no time barrier & God works his will on HIS OWN time. There is hope for Lee County and Northeast, Ms now..this is a start. Wishing Trent Kelly many years of success!

This is Kevin Curtis & I approve this message.


And a second comment from the same article:

turkeyinthestraw |November 18, 2011 said:

(What happened to the earlier article with all the comments?) I am wondering the same thing? Are comments being removed here?

Anyone wishing to book a show, send me a message on youtube or facebook or call me on my business line (it’s posted on all my sites) 🙂

This is Kevin Curtis & I approve this message


At the same, Curtis also posted an invitation to a party he was hosting. It was signed the same way, emphasis added:


Join me & all my Justice seeking friends & fellow activist New Years Eve to celebrate the future of Northeast Mississian’s & all the wrongly accused in the past!! Trent Kelly is the New DA in town & he’s clearing house. Out with the old, in with the new! Say “NO” to corruption friends & join us in Alabama as we celebrate a new beginning of “HOPE” in Lee County & surrounding areas. This is KC & I approve this message!

Side note:  While browsing Curtis’ page, the following picture was also noted:

A post following it on the Facebook page displays the outrage over the bombing in Boston:

we the people are just not safe anymore! I mean bombs where folks are “racing”??? Elephants in Tupelo Circus getting SHOT??? What next! I guess there will come a time when Elvis fans can’t even go out to watch a bunch of Elvis Impersonators pay tribute to a man who gave his life for we the people! Geesh! It’s a sad sad world!

Finally, a shot from a professional profile:

UPDATE:  We didn’t want to pull a Richard Jewell, so we sat on this post. During that time, we reached out to The Blaze for advice. They have this in their article up right now:

A few hours before federal officials announced the arrest, TheBlaze was contacted by bloggers at Lady Liberty 1885 who had noticed some key similarities between a “Kevin Curtis” from Tupelo, Miss. and the person suspected of sending the ricin letters.

Yeah, that’s us.

Update: Kevin Curtis Live Facebook Page Link.  Here is the Twitter account. Here’s the YouTube Account. Kevin Curtis Live Fan Page on Facebook here.

UPDATE II: Pundit Press located a Sodahead profile for our Ricin sending Elvis, which lists his political views as Liberal. Not liberal enough, the profile also says he didn’t vote for Obama.

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NOTE: This post has been updated since originally written.

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70 Responses to Paul Kevin Curtis and the Ricin Letters

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  2. Anney Snyder, LISW says:

    Extremely well done ladies. You combined your your political passion with excellent investigation. I highly highly applaud your efforts and results!!!!!! Job well done!!!!


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  6. James Robbins says:

    The fact that he follows conservative causes on Twitter or Facebook or anywhere does not at all mean he is a conservative; he could well just be keeping up on “the enemy”.


    • Matthew W says:

      “keeping up on “the enemy”.

      Sometimes called “stalking.”


    • jcicone1 says:

      Yea or he could actually be a conservative.


      • Or he could just be nuts.


      • Liberty Speaks says:

        jcicone1….It was not the main intent of our investigation to explain his views one way or another on a political level. We posted information that we found and links to that information. It is up to our readers to decide for themselves. This guy was all over the map with his likes, and rants, and ideas. Predominately it leaned from independent to liberal. (his own words as noted in his many postings) I second the statement that Lady Liberty made by saying this gentleman has mental instabilities. That has been reported by other news organizations and his family members as well. I encourage everyone to do their own homework as well…..Its how I found him.


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  8. Bob Agard says:

    Good work! I have added you to my blogroll, and will visit often. I linked to you here:


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  13. @Aleph_C_B_W_Tav says:

    If this happened 30 years ago every interested slueth would still be sluething…grin…but Kudo’s to ya LL!!
    I was just complaining to FOX on their Front page article re: west tx explosion…they threw out all of the fear possibilities to enhance anxiety first before posting what really happened…so…really ticked at that and their real lack of concern for those hurt… I took a digital trail away from there and landed here (saw the LL tag) thanks LL


  14. James Robbins says:

    They are in the process of outlawing pressure cookers. Only then will we truly be safe.


  15. Shelley says:

    Are you absolutely positive this is the same person?


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  19. Ken says:

    We don’t need gun control, we need democrat control! These folks are loony!


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  22. Kudos LadyLiberty, too bad others like you have to do the work of the Federal Authorities. I have as yet to see this reported on main stream media maybe because he’s a proclaimed Democrat and that doesn’t sit well with those that try and perpetuate the notion that these acts of terrorism must be right wing conservatives.


    • jcicone1 says:

      He’s not a democrat. He lists his political views as independent, he voted and supported multiple republican candidates. He is anti-abortion and pro-gun. He is a fan of Glenn Beck and Republican groups such as Conservative Ladies and ForAmerica. On his twitter page he said he wants Ted Nugent to Run for President and he has a photo attack Obama’s mother and the liberal media that comes from the website, RightWingRantsRaves


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  24. Matthew W says:

    Great work on this .


  25. @jcicone1 He is a little more sturdy than most dims. Dems are decieved into thinking they are ok with thier thinking. They have really aboted themselfs into oblivion. Want to tax the hell out of everyone and think that will work. And act like badass,s when thier not. Teach inacurate history, ban ONLY defence,s that could that could put them in thier place. (GUNS) (SPEACH). This my friend is unstable and sick. So elvis boy is a cut above a dem anyday. Though he,s stupid, he has it at least half rite. A dem too. Wow


    • jcicone1 says:

      @William Bailey, he’s not a Democrat. His political views labels himself as an independent. And now because I show proof that he wants Ted Nugent to run for president and on his twitter page has a link to RightWingRantsRaves that attacks Obama’s mother and because I show he is anti-abortion, pro-gun, and is a supporter of Glenn Beck and other Right Wing Conservative groups, now you try to make it sound like he’s a step up from a Democrat even though you were charging him as being a Democrat which he isn’t.

      And you are not even getting your facts straight. We all have views and the fact that you try to label one party’s views as lower than the other and you don’t even tell the truth about what their views are, just makes you look uneducated.


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  27. Dawn Beasley says:

    Fabulous journalistic work AND ethics!! Well done!! Shared


  28. StPatrick says:

    I found this via a sidebar link at .


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  32. Margie says:

    Why didn’t you guys call the FBI? Was this after they announced details? I am shocked at the speed in which they found him. I’m sure he’ll be pegged as a Republican all over the place.
    Anyway, way to go! You guys did a fantastic job! Great work! Would have loved to be in the room when you uncovered the ‘Christian and Democrat’ sticker.


    • jcicone1 says:

      Just because he is in front of a car that says that, doesn’t mean he is a Democrat. His own political views say Independent. He calls himself an independent and he has shown support to numerous republican politicians.


  33. Redacted says:

    So seeing as how he has a .380 handgun is it safe to assume he passed the background check? 90% of Americans also want pie for dinner.


  34. Velcro says:

    Curiouser and curiouser… I guess time will tell, hopefully.


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  37. nickshaw1 says:

    “Trent Kelly is the New DA in town & he’s clearing house” is in his Facebook post shown above Curtis’ photo.
    For what it’s worth, Kelly appears to be a Republican.
    So, there may or may not be any connection to Dims as it seems in the photo.


    • Or maybe we should look at his Sodahead account, where he lists political views as Liberal.


      • jcicone1 says:

        His facebook profile lists his political views as an independent he is also a fan of Glenn Beck on his facebook page as well as two Republican politicians, one is Trent Kelly and the other is Marsha Blackburn, he also is a fan of two conservative pages which are Conservative Ladies and ForAmerica

        He shows he is anti-abortion and pro-Gun on his facebook page as well. It doesn’t matter that he labels himself as liberal. For all we know he might label himself Liberal in the sense that Milton Friedman, Ludwig Von Mises, and Frederick Hayek labeled themselves as liberal which is classical liberalism.


      • Yes, we saw that. We also saw the comment he posted under his political views on his FB page. You’ll note we made no comment one way or the other in our report.


      • jcicone1 says:

        I will also add that on his twitter page if you scroll all the way down to May 5th he has a tweet that says “Who thinks Ted Nugent should run for president. And then on his photos he has a picture that comes from RightWingRantsRaves that shows photographs of Obama’s mother when she was younger and involved in those controversial photos and the picture pretty much was attacking what was being called the Liberal Media.

        So really, I don’t care what his profile picture was on facebook. His political views say independent. I don’t care if that other website has him listing his political views as liberal. His views clearly aren’t liberal and he is either an idiot like many Neo-Cons who still like calling themselves Libertarians or he is using the term liberal as classical liberal.


  38. Nobody is stupid enough to use that tagline on letters containing poison. He signs everything that way, (youtube, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc). I’ve been going over it for a couple of hours. There are too many people that want to shut him up after he found all of the body parts. This looks way too easy and convenient. It’s so far fetched, that the only possibility that comes to mind is that he thinks it is SUCH a trademark that no one would believe he would be stupid enough to actually incriminate himself like that. So he used it since the only logical explanation would be a frame-up.


    • shuanm says:

      Umm, lets see – a washed up “entertainer” with a Jesus comples in north east Mississippi. And he ‘found all the body parts’??? There is no way. No one in Washington gives a shit about this guy. No one in Corinth Mississippi who might have a beef with this guy has any pull in DC. You darned conspiricy loving nuts. Jeez!


  39. NavyOne says:

    Wow, good sleuthing guys!


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  44. nunya says:

    I wonder why he used ricin? yes ricin is deadly in the right dose taken internally, however it doesn’t absorb into the body via skin very well. There are much better poisons he could have used. My opinion is this. The American government is attempting to condition the American people so that they will be much more accepting to the implementing of marshal law. They will tell you that it is for your own protection., and you will nod your head and say yes.


    • Patriot Sam says:

      He’s an Elvis impersonator, not a chemist.


    • ReconDoc says:

      You are FOS…

      Ricin is deadly period. there are no antidotes, no treatments for exposure. it absorbs through airways, tear ducts, and many other body orifices. It is absorbed through skin contact. and as little as an amount that could fit on the head of a pin can kill an adult.

      Semper FI


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