Velcrow Ripper: Occupy Is A Love Story

Director Velcrow Ripper says Occupy is a love story. No, not kidding. Hit around the 5:o0 mark where he starts to talk about crisis on the planet and Occupy being a love story.

“I will only ever take one side… that’s love.” That’s sweet.

Ripper has turned this love story into a movie, the third in an apparent trilogy, called Occupy Love. Here’s the trailer:


Dear Mr. Ripper,

Those are some seriously powerful rose colored glasses you own.

Occupy is not a love story, it’s actually a break-up story. It’s the Left throwing a temper tantrum or rather, the woman who keeps trying to re-make the man she’s with to suit her and then rages when he doesn’t change.

You clearly missed the pooping, peeing, stealing, antisemitism, raping, drugs, theft, assault, property damage, molotov cocktails, bomb plots, deaths and murder. I didn’t see a tally for the cost of this Love story either which was in upwards of 41 million at last check.

Here are some scenes that left on your cutting room floor. I think these scenes, along with this footage, also must have been forgotten.





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