Boston Marathon Explosion – FB Page created in March?

A liker of my Facebook page for LL1885 was browsing the numerous pages that popped up this afternoon on Facebook related to the Boston Marathon bombings. This liker came across one that was created March 2013, screenshot below:

When I scoured the pages set up on Facebook that also contained this cover page, I found all but one were created today. The page that did not list its specific creation date displays some very graphic images. This page didn’t list its creation date but instead was set to hide that detail and displayed the banner ‘Founded in 2013’.  What the Hell?


Since I’ve been slammed with emails, comments etc since posting this an hour or so ago – I’d like to state the obvious: Yes, I know you can change your Facebook page name at will.  Yes,  I also know this crap happened with Sandy Hook and other incidents. So seriously, calm down folks.

I posted this because no matter how you look at it, it’s weird. Not to mention, totally ghoulish that someone would have random pages sitting out there inactive just waiting for a crisis to attach themselves too as was likely the case here.  Sick.


The page changed it’s creation date. Again. First it said March 20, 2013. Then it said ‘Founded in 2013’. Now it says “April 15, 2013”.  A number of thoughts are running through my head about the sick clowns running this page, none of which are print worthy and all of which have expletives in them.


Related depravity on Twitter as fake accounts asking for donations are springing up. Twitchy: No, these are not photos of child killed in Boston Marathon explosion

Also, the clowns on Facebook forgot to delete the first image the page had, which was added on MARCH 20, 2013.


Another person sent me a message regarding the page that has been the focus of this post. I have stripped the person’s name from the message to protect their privacy.

You were commenting about the Boston Explosion FaceBook Page. I think this is a reference to the original. sharing the link (that now links to the Boston Explosion page) …apparently some Kane Foster fan site. I’ve never heard of him, but several of the fans seem to request to be Tumblr Girls…hence a FB page titled TumblrBoysGirls…?

Kane Foster is apparently some Australian guy with a Tumblr page?  No idea what to think here.

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15 Responses to Boston Marathon Explosion – FB Page created in March?

  1. Bob says:

    I think this post is fake


  2. If people did not believe in a higher society, ie “Illuminati” before, maybe some of them will now! These crazy events that seem to be tragic, when in actuality they are planned. Also, have you seen the sandy hook footage the extended version? If you watch closely you’ll see the same people coming in and out of doors to make it look like chaos, but no one really leaves. In fact, the building they are running in and out of is not even the school. We can’t prove really anything yet, but we sure can keep our eyes open. I mean its a little funny something like this would happen when they are trying to change the gun laws again!


  3. Cass says:

    If people knew about this ahead of time, then why didn’t anyone stop it?


  4. Someone playing sick games with Facebook and other websites. There are several ways to change timelines and so forth. Internet content is so easy to fake anymore it is difficult to know what to take as truth or not.


  5. Jessica says:

    I found this to be pretty interesting.


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  7. Oddly enough, this isn’t the only event that there has been serious date issues with. For example Victoria Soto memorial page was made before the Sandy Hook shooting and also a Sandy Hook donations page (I believe it was that) was made on fb before the shooting. Just saying, if it seems weird, it probably is.


    • Ugh – that first one is revolting… the second one created in August 2012? Are people just reserving pages and changing the name at will to the event du jour? That’s sick.


  8. I just went to the page and they have changed the created date to today’s date now. I made a comment under the created on date, let’s see how long it takes before it’s deleted. This is what I said ” Created on April 15, 2013
    Like ·
    Mindy Kindall Wow, the screenshot I saw says that this was actually created in March, but has just now been changed to reflect today as the day it was created. Interesting how people have foreknowledge of these events. Same thing happened with Sandy Hook Memorial pages, and a memorial page for Victoria Soto. People think we don’t notice these things but we do. Now to see if you’ll leave this comment or delete it. Tell the truth. Here’a a screenshot of your own page.
    Boston Marathon Explosion – FB Page created in March?
    A liker of my Facebook page for LL1885 was browsing the numerous pages that popp…See More
    a few seconds ago · Like · Remove Preview
    Write a comment…


  9. Umm, its just so easy that the person who created the group changed the name of it now. The owner can decide what shows, so he could have deleted the namechange from the timline.


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