Kay Hagan’s Hired Guns

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan has been busy the last week. Hagan has a reelection on the horizon in 2014 and it would seem she’s fairly concerned about it with the hiring of three new campaign staffers.  One who ran the Tester campaign in Montana and two from Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

Last week it was Preston Elliott, who is all but a ghost on the web. What we do know about him is that he ran John Tester’s campaign in Montana. Even the announcement of his position with Tester was lacking of any real detail, although we know Elliott’s first move was to ask for money.

This week, it’s two finance related staffers who both worked for Claire McCaskill in Missouri. Hagan announced Erika Brees and John Coady, who rivals Elliott for lack of information found on him,  will join her reelection campaign.  These folks don’t leave much of an internet footprint and what is there is sanitized – likely by design to keep their candidate out front. Still, it would be nice to know something about them.

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Until we see more of Hagan at public campaign events, we might not know any more about these people pulling the reelection strings behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Hagan has been keeping herself busy and engaging more in a publicity sense. The first four years of her term, Hagan seemingly kept her head down and made no sudden moves. Now, with reelection looming, the Senator has been adding to her ‘moderate’ resume with bills to aid military seeking tuition assistance and spending more time on education related issues.

Hagan is going to have to do more than just hold hands with veterans and visit schools, her record might be quiet in most areas but there are some notable, and problematic, exceptions. One being her position on abortion. She holds a perfect 100% rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Another is Obamacare. Hagan supported and voted for it, as well as voting against all attempts to repeal it.  She not only endorsed it, she believed in it no matter what:

These days Hagan’s not so sure that this wonderful legislation she helped ram down the throats of Americans is really so great.  Hagan is one of 16 Senators who asked for a delay in implementing the medical devices tax portion of Obamacare. Byron York of the Washington Examiner makes the point quite well:

None of the senators found his or her earlier objections to the tax a sufficient reason to vote against Obamacare.  In December 2009, with 60 votes in the Senate and a determined Republican opposition, Democrats needed every vote they could get to pass the president’s national health care plan.  But now, with Obamacare — and the taxes to fund it — about to become a reality, some of those Democrats are singing a different tune.

Indeed and now the chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak.  There is much more to know about Senator Hagan. Consider this article part one of many. Read more about Senator Hagan and her record at That’s My Congress.

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