NC Senators MIA From Historic Drone Filibuster (Updated)

Last night, Senator Rand Paul filibustered the nomination of John Brennan. It’s not the nomination he was trying to block, that much had to be clear to most people. The Senate is Democrat controlled and cloture is likely inevitable although it will be harder with a 60 vote threshold.  Instead of blocking, Paul was attempting to open something. That something is awareness that our government, to date, has yet to openly state for the record they oppose the use of drones against our own citizens on our own soil.

What’s more, this President, a man who has received a Nobel Peace Prize, also refuses to renounce the assassination of US Citizens on their own soil by drone. The President has trotted out mouthpieces to run interference, but it is his own inaction that speak volumes.

Perplexing indeed. What adds to this insanity is the lack of support shown to Senator Paul on the floor last night. Whatever you think of Senator Paul, his politics or filibustering, this was a moment in history and the majority of the Senate missed it.

This was a moment where an elected official stood up and for nearly 13 hours assailed the notion that our own government thinks it has the right to kill its own citizens. It was a chance to enter this disturbing argument into the history books. This question needed addressing and not on the talking head cable news circuit, where it would likely be mocked, buried or edited. It needed to be more permanent. Senator Paul recognized this and acted.  Think long and hard about that.

From The Washington Post, emphasis added:

Barack, party of 10? In a rare move, President Obama has invited a group of Senate Republicans to dine with him Wednesday evening just up the street from the White House at the Jefferson Hotel, continuing a charm offensive aimed at striking a deal on fiscal issues with rank-and-file lawmakers instead of congressional leaders.

Senators and their aides confirmed that Wednesday’s dinner list includes Sens. Tom Coburn (Okla.), John McCain (Ariz.), Pat Toomey (Pa.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Dan Coats (Ind.), Bob Corker (Tenn.), John Hoeven (N.D.) and Ron Johnson (Wis.).

“I have a dog sled ready to go to be able to get there because of these terrible weather conditions that we’re under,” McCain told reporters, and he confirmed his attendance. “If they’ll feed me, I’m looking forward to it,” Coburn said.

Turning serious, McCain and other senators said a serious discussion about fiscal issues is long overdue.

We need to have this dialogue. I’m glad the president is doing it. I think it’s very helpful that we have continued discussions,” McCain said. “That’s been my experience with other presidents, where you establish lines of communication.

In a rare move? No. In a calculated move. Dialogue? Clearly, John McCain has not been paying attention the last four years. This President doesn’t have dialogues, he has stunts, temper tantrums and campaign events. This dinner? It was a move to distract from the topic of the Filibuster on the floor with the dual purpose of making it look like he’s flexible on sequester, since the roof on his fear mongering house of cards is caving in around him. The bonus is driving a wedge further into the Republican party. Note who DIDN’T get an invite? McCain, you’re a fool. Same goes for the rest who attended. This goes double for Lindsey Graham, who misses the boat entirely. (Watch: Lindsey Graham (R) Mocks Rand Paul for Drone Filibuster (video) ) UPDATE:  Stunner. Lindsey Graham Organized GOP Dinner With Obama Last Night (Video) So much for Obama playing it like he’s trying to reach across the aisle.

Did your state’s Senators show up or make an appearance at least? I suggest you find out. If the answer is ‘no’, well then, my friends, I suggest 2014 is not just about winning back the Senate from Democrat control, it’s about cleaning house of those who lack spine, conviction and the ability to defend and represent those who elected them. My own state’s Senators, Burr and Hagan, were no shows. So were a number of other GOP Senators and nearly all Democratic ones, save Senator Moran. Saxy Chambliss even made an appearance before dining with the ‘Party of 13’ as Greta Van Susteren reported.

Image Via Gateway Pundit. Click for Story.

I wrote off Hagan early on, she has no interest in taking a stand being controversial with her reelection looming. I’ve noted her spine supports only a handful of things: Obamacare, Abortion, Unions and Self-Preservation. Note the Second Amendment is not one of those things.   Hagan is more preoccupied with some rights – ones that include photo ops -than others. Hagan claims to want more bipartisan efforts, what topic could be more important to show bipartisanship than questioning your government’s ability to kill its own people?

Senator Burr was tougher for me to ignore, as I had taken him to be a man of stronger principle than last night proved him to be. Instead of supporting a colleague on the floor defending our Constitution and possibly our very lives, Senator Burr was knocking back drinks and having dinner with a group of GOP Senators and The President.  That’s right, he was chatting away with the Unadroner, meanwhile Rand Paul and a handful of others were entering this horrific question into the history books.

SHOTS FIRED. 2014 is coming.

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UPDATE: 3 Take-aways from Rand Paul’s #StandWithRand Filibuster about Drone Strikes

This article basically re-states a lot of what I said in the original post above, especially this part:

It shows what one man can do to call attention to a hugely important issue that nonetheless is largely ignored by the mainstream media and the political establishment.

I’ll say it again, this filibuster wasn’t aimed at delaying a nomination, that was an added bonus, but instead making sure this issue was on the record and in the Senate record.

Some of my readers are calling this a ‘stunt’ or an attempt to grab the spotlight, while some of that is probably true it would seem to be a byproduct rather than the goal.  The fact people would think that first and foremost says a lot about how jaded the public is regarding our leaders and government bodies. They have good reason to be jaded. After years of being condescended to and lied to by the Obama media complex, people find it hard to believe we might still have some elected officials that are worth a damn.


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  1. patricia kephart says:

    I will remember each and everyone who failed to support Rand Paul.Our NC Senator Hagen will not ever get another vote from me .And Burr is another spineless idiot.No vote for him either.I’ll personally see that neither one gets reelected if I can help it.To think that our GOP leaders were feeding their faces with Obama while Rand stood up for us against drones being used on American soil against Americans


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