The Barack Who Cried Wolf

So, the White House cuts tours to save money because of the horrible, no good, awful sequester. Don’t worry that volunteers usually lead those tours, we’re in hard times remember. The narrative must be maintained!

What happened to that wasteful spending task force Joe Biden was supposed to be heading up?  Yeah, remember the Campaign to Cut Waste? They also called it part of the “21st Century Government“. You know, the one where the White House was trying to recapture some of the original messages transmitted by Obama/Biden in 2008? Messages like these.

According to Sheriff Joe, they’ve saved BILLIONS:

The Obama administration’s 15-month-old Campaign to Cut Waste is on track to “meet or exceed” its goal of saving $8 billion by the end of fiscal 2013, acting White House Budget Director Jeffrey Zients reported Monday. He attributed the progress to “smart management.”

In an Office of Management and Budget blog post, Zients reported that the campaign led by Vice President Joe Biden saved $2 billion in the second quarter of 2012 through efficiencies in printing, federal fleet management and travel. A similar amount reportedly was saved in the year’s first quarter, both measured since President Obama issued an executive order titled Promoting Efficient Spending in November 2011.

“Perhaps just as important as the savings themselves is the fact that they are indicative of innovative management practices federal agencies are implementing to get the most out of every dollar,” Zients wrote. “We are spending less money, and we’re spending it smarter in order to get the most bang for our buck.”

This waste cutting campaign was supposed to have a board that met regularly and report to the President, right? I looked around, didn’t see much press on it. Maybe it’s like the Jobs Council the President used to have.

The article above lists things like consolidating cell phone contracts.  The cuts I’ve seen were mainly found in curbing fraud, not actual removal of actual wasteful spending.

No word on the Wine tasting junket in California. Also, how come we’re paying $50 million for TSA uniforms the eve? What’s up with that calligrapher for just under 100k? And those oil paintings of secretaries and department heads ranging up to 32k? A defense secretary that racks up 860k commuting bills? Then there’s jetting off to Hawaii, Aspen or to meet up with Tiger Woods. Then there’s the Presidential Barber, flown in from Chicago.

Yeah…that Campaign to Cut Waste board really must have met a lot.  Looks like the Barack that cried wolf did it a little too often.

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