U of New Mexico LGBTQ Students, ‘Chik-fil-A makes us feel unsafe’ (Video)

The outcome of the Chik-fila-A vote on the University of New Mexico campus was posted here at LL1885 yesterday: Chik-fil-A stays.  The campus saw a flurry of activity during the vote and the press caught wind of what was going on there — including blogs like this one. Local media finally got some video of the events and it’s very close to what the Daily Lobo reported with testimony claiming a chicken franchise made LGBTQ students feel “unsafe” and “scared”.

NRO has posted the video:

“Even the bags have become a symbol of hate. They say seeing professors and students on campus carrying them makes them uncomfortable and fearful of retaliation because of their lifestyle.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve reached the point of insanity.  These Chik-fil-A bags carrying food in them clearly mean that the carrier hates gay people and isn’t just an easy way to transport chicken to a destination. The bags THEMSELVES are going to cause retaliation because the bags know that you are gay and hate you!! Just imagine what the packet of dipping sauces are capable of….

Somehow every person carrying their food in a Chik-fil-A bag is now a potential homophobe and attacker. Got it. Or maybe they’re just hungry and had to take their meal on the go. I don’t know, it could be close either way. I am sure somewhere there is a Liberal think tank doing a study on the percentage of homophobic people who also enjoy chicken.

I have to laugh at, but also thank, this move at this time by the board at the University of New Mexico. The original protests are far removed and this vote isolates the hyperbole and absurdity of the entire thing perfectly.  Whatever your opinion of Dan Cathy and what he thinks about supporting traditional marriage, you have to look at the sheer drama being performed here by the opponents to Chik-fil-A and shake your head. Clearly, to them, where their comfort level and opinion begins, the rights of the rest of us end.


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  1. Les brown says:

    How retarded can the glbt’s be. Instead of fear, they should be full of shame!


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