#SOTU 2013: Spend. Tax. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Last night was the first State of the Union address of Obama’s second term. It contained all of the things expected of it – class warfare rhetoric, green energy pushes, education, more spending, more taxing and, of course, gun control. What was missing in the gun control portion was any mention of hero Chris Kyle.

The speech almost unilaterally ignored our debt. That figured, because “we don’t have a spending problem.” Obama also returned to jobs, but given he has dissolved his jobs council, one has to wonder yet again how serious he is about it. Also, of note, is the Cybersecurity Executive Order Obama unveiled. It looks like Obama plans to implement SOPA with the swipe of a pen. Will anyone stop him? Certainly our media won’t.

SOTU 2013 Overall: He Blew It.

Per my usual roundup of such affairs, the video, transcripts and useful links are below.



VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS (links to video):



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