Occupy Reboot or Hijack Attempt?: #IdleNoMore

Occupy has effectively crashed and burned. They’ve worn out their welcome in city after city across the globe with their miscreant behavior, never-ending list of causes and general idiocy. While Occupy fizzled out, Unions have stolen their mojo and are attempting to take Occupy legit via social justice non-profits outfits (I’m calling this Occupy 2.0), Occupy needed a reboot. So, what’s an anarchist to do? No tents to put up, no mace to dodge, no businesses to smash-up. Off to plot for the next WTO meeting right?

Nah.  Occupy needs reform! Regrouping! Legitimization… they need Roots.

Behold, Idle No More.

Idle No More has a responsibility to resist current government policies in a Peaceful and Respectful way. It can be done. It can be done without aggression or violence.  This is an energetic, exciting and transformative time.

“Peaceful and respectful resistance.” Gee, where have we heard and seen this before?

Hey, this looks familiar.

Idle No More (INM) touts the tag line: Indigenous Rights Revolution.  The theme here is that indigenous people (Indians) are suddenly now ticked off enough to push back against the government on a number of issues with the centerpiece being land related along two lines, Sustainability and Sovereignty. Canada has grabbed land for over a century but INM has decided now is the time to act, misconceptions about C45 be damned. The timing and theme are hardly coincidental. Needless to say, the Left is very excited about it. INM may be a legitimate group formed on their own, but it won’t stay that way for long.  Hijack is already in progress:

The next #IdleNoMore Global Day Of Action is January 28, 2013, not long from today. A solidarity event is scheduled from 12pm to 5pm in between the museums in downtown Raleigh. We plan to show our solidarity with #EnbridgeNoMore and to bring attention to the proposed mining of uranium in Virginia. Studies show mining will effect the waterways of North Carolina heavily. A short amount of research shows that NC stands to profit from lifting the current uranium mining ban in the state.

Sound familiar?

For the aboriginal tribes of Virginia and North Carolina, this movement gives us a voice we haven’t had before. YOUR VOICE CAN BE HEARD! The land is our Mother. She is/can/will be perpetually sold off and poisoned for profit. We can stop this. This is our time to talk about institutionalized racism. Lack of Federal Recognition. Acquisition of Indian land. Poverty. Lies.

#IdleNoMore press releases always say some form of this: THIS IS NOT JUST AN INDIAN THING! IT IS A HUMAN THING!

Besides, I think being hijacked is what they want anyway; from the Idle No More “vision“:

INM will continue to build allies in order to reframe the nation to nation relationship, this will be done by including grassroots perspectives, issues and concerns

A ‘peaceful, grassroots movement’ originating in Canada. Sounds familiar.
There is even a first official “day of action” scheduled for the end of this month.  I predict this latest version of Occupy will prove to be dangerous at best and at worst, more annoying than the original.

A little bit about Idle No More, according to their site press release:

For Immediate Release

Press Release, January 14, 2013

From: INM founders, organizers and Elder advisors

Idle No More has a responsibility to resist current government policies in a Peaceful and Respectful way. It can be done. It can be done without aggression or violence.  This is an energetic, exciting and transformative time.

This movement has been guided by Spiritual Elders, dreams, visions, and from peoples’ core values. We are here to ensure the land, the waters, the air, and the creatures and indeed each of us, return to balance and discontinue harming each other and the earth.

To keep us on this good path, we ask that you, as organizers create space for Elders or Knowledge/Ceremonial Keepers to assist in guiding decisions as we move forward. It is up to each of us to see that this movement respects all people, the environment, and our communities and neighbours.

In peace and solidarity.

Peace and solidarity, right. They have a manifesto which reads like Ms. Gordon was smoking the peace pipe when she wrote it. A bit of  information on their “founders“:

Nina Wilson is a Nakota and Plains Cree from Kahkewistahaw Treaty 4 territory, and is currently completing her Masters.

Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) is a direct descendant of Treaty makers and is from the Treaty 6 territory. She has her law degree and currently resides in the Whitefish Lake Reserve lands #118.

Jessica Gordon is from Pasqua Treaty 4 Territory, and has always been a contributing part of her community in many ways.  She comes from a family with a history of treaty protection and social justice.  Her grandfathers were Andrew Gordon and Walter Gordon also from Treaty 4 territory.

Sheelah McLean is from Treaty 6 territory, and a 3rd generation immigrant whose Scottish and Scandinavian ancestors settled from Western Europe. Born and raised in Saskatoon, Sheelah is an anti-racist anti-colonial teacher and activist.

That last one, Sheelah McLean, would be an honored guest at the White House.  Here’s a picture of these four women on McClean’s Facebook Page:

They look innocuous enough.

These ladies seemingly started their movement well prior to Occupy. I have to wonder where Tanya Kappo is on the Idle No More site.  Kappo, who seems to be pushing the racism angle, claims to have been a co-founder of the movement just last November:

“It kind of freaks me out how big this thing has gotten,” said Tanya Kappo, who co-founded the movement in November. “It wasn’t my intention to start something like this, I just wanted people to know how their lives could be affected by (Bill C-45).” Source: First Perspective

I found posts and rumblings of this indigenous revolt theme going back into 2010 on Sheelah McLean’s Facebook page. All this group needed was an event to trigger their publicity – like Bill C45. They’ve been embraced by Occupy now. The initial intent of this movement will be lost and the chaos will come as it inevitably does with Occupy. The co-opt has begun and so have the arrests:

A flashmob shutting down a city intersection isn’t a lot different from the tactics of Occupy – but they arguably have better drum circles. Teach Ins have begun.  Whatever the original message or intent of this group, escalation is inevitable.  These ladies I am sure have some real grievances, however all that’s missing now is… MIC CHECK!!!


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