LL1885’s Year In Review: October

October brought us a month closer to the election. Democrats suddenly became believers in voter fraud since the evil GOP might be doing it. The GOP was even paying for votes! Even sons of sitting Representatives were busted attempting to defraud voters. Democrats even went after voter integrity protectors.

Romney went to Louisiana after hurricane Isaac hit and Obama figured out that was the right thing to do to.

The level of vandalism during this election was out of hand. I mean, SERIOUSLY out of hand.  Signs were attacked a lot. The level of stupidity by voters reached all-time highs.

Gloria Allred tried to throw a wrench into the works and was laughed at. She was no match for Lena Dunham and her creepy voting-sex video. Dunham was laughed at too.

Let us not forget the Daily Caller Hampton video and that Team Obama ran on a very mature platform of Big Bird, Binders and Lady Parts.  Romney gave an amazing speech at the VMI.

The debates began:

The unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% — an election miracle! If only people paid attention to the U6 number instead of the bullshit cooked one. As usual, no one cared Obama promised 5.6% by now because of his stimulus bill.  I say cooked because we lost 38,000 manufacturing jobs since August and the only significant drop in unemployment was in government. Disability claims rose to 8,803,335. By the way, 1,035,000 construction jobs were lost under Obama.

The deficit for 2012 was $1.1 trillion — a trillion for the third year in a row. Of course, attacks on defense spending resumed despite its budget being smaller than entitlements by far as well as smaller than education.

A new record for Food Stamps at 46,681,833 and welfare hit a trillion in spending.  Signs of the Obama economy were ones that said, ‘Going out of Business‘.

Gas in California rose above $5 and rationing was employed.

The GM plant making Chevy  Volts began to furlough people.  Disney bought Lucas Film. Journalists found themselves subpoenaed in the White House Intelligence links case.

Florida schools lowered the bar to the floor and implemented race-based discipline as suggested by Obama.

Murders were up 25% in Chicago yet no one seemed to care. The total homicides for the year in Chicago came to 436.

Sandusky was sentenced to up to 60 years in prison on 45 counts of child molestation. Violence against Whites was up.

The remains of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway were identified and her murder was arrested.

Despite the President’s belief, Al Qaeda was still alive and actually in Massachusetts. Also, jihad was alive and well in Texas. Meanwhile, in NYC the Muslim Pride parade drew criticism from unlikely places.

NYPD was on alert for possible jihad by Iran and Hezbollah. It came out the White House had been considering releasing the Blind Sheik and Omar Khadr. Oh, the Federal Reserve was also a target. No problem though, just issue another EO.

Corruption and cronyism continued. In an effort to shut Univision up over Fast and Furious, Obama appointed the wife of the head of Univision to a US Diplomatic post. Oops, too late. Also, Nancy Pelosi’s brother got his fair share.

The White House was hacked by China. Obama has no problem with child soldiers.

The TSA had its funding cut and collective bargaining effectively cut by the House. Those cuts came just in time as the TSA invaded train stations, bus depots, and subways – even searching our cars. Their incompetence was also leaked; as if we needed that with the horror stories coming almost weekly.

George Zimmerman filed suit against NBC for editing the 911 call tape.

Hurricane Sandy hit and as FEMA failed AGAIN, it became known as Superstorm Sandy instead. Despite strong warnings, people died and were unprepared. Obama said, “We leave nobody behind.” Tell that to the men in Benghazi.

Alex Karras passed away.

Over our southern border, charred bodies were found; 33 more bodies later on.  North and South Korea postured.

In Egypt, they were arresting Christians — Children Christians. Egypt was having problems with the people being ruled by MorsiBin Laden was a big fan of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Iran fired drones into Israel while Iranians protested and chanted, “Death to America“. But… but… Obama said he was going to make them love us again!

The Yemen security chief for the US embassy was murdered — Go figure, Al Qaeda was there. Obama’s answer in Yemen? Drones. Of course, more drones in Pakistan too.

There was a Green on Blue attack on UK troops in Afghanistan. Our consulate in India was attacked.  Syria became worrisome as Jihadis seized a missile base.  Russia looked at the US as weak and pulled out of missile negotiations.

Socialized medicine in the UK reached a new height of excellence.

We also learned the 911 protests had nothing to do with a video, even in Egypt where they started.

Indonesia stopped a plot to bomb the US embassy.

In Brussels, the Exxon Mobil chief was assassinated.

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