LL1885’s Year In Review: July

July saw Chicago’s shootings and violence continue.  July was a very bloody month. No one was safe, including children. The police chief blamed pilgrims and said he was “making progress“. Also in July, we saw the Aurora theater shooting. The Left immediately screamed for gun control and Brian Ross blamed the Tea party. The shooting, of course, was racist. No one remembers their gun legislation history.

Race relations continued to deteriorate as more mobs attacked. They even attacked the disabled. This time someone died.

Andy Griffith died. Sally Ride also passed away.

8,733,461: The number of workers on disability. Jobs numbers missed their mark again, unexpectedly. 8.2% unemployment remained. New home sales fell to a 5 month low.

The Chevy Volt continued to be a super-flop.

Chik-Fil-A became the target of militant LGBT supporters for its stance on traditional marriage. The level of idiocy and faux outrage was amazing.

George Zimmerman had his bail adjusted to $1 million.

California headed closer to implosion with the passage of a $4.5 billion dollar high speed rail project. New Yorkers rebelled against Nanny Bloomberg and his big gulp ban.

Christians were stoned by Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan. Another terrorist was convicted of attempting to bomb us. The media largely ignored these and the plot against the president. Another one ignored, which was kinda huge was: Headlines You Won’t See: Iranian and Chinese Natls Indicted in Washington D.C. with conspiracy to violate IEEPA

In Government, the USDA used soap operas to push Food stamps to immigrants. The TSA moved into subways and other public locations so it could abuse people everywhere. Democrats backpedaled on Keystone. The Mayo Clinic admitted Jesse Jackson Jr. for ‘bipolar’ related issues. Michele Bachmann singled out Huma Abedin as an internal threat. Bachmann was right but nothing would come of it. The US Treasury saw its share of scandal. DHS got a power boost via executive order. DOJ stonewalled some more on Fast and Furious.

Drones were employed domestically. Lots of them.

Dinesh D’Souza’s movie continued to break records and passed Michael Moore in receipts.

Obama said we didn’t build our businesses. Promptly gets schooled by Bristol Palin. The media ignored the President’s Elizabeth Warren style gaffe for 5 days. The Green loan scam added another failure. The hits kept coming. Meanwhile, Obama promised 20 million to Africa for Green energy.

Abroad, Iran got cocky and made threats. Some of those threats were not idle. There were terror raids in the UK prior to the Olympics. The UK nabbed at least one terrorist casing the Olympic park. In Greece, unemployment hit a new record at 22.5%. In Nigeria, 50 Christians were burned alive. In Bulgaria there was a bus bombing by an Islamist that killed 40. Obama’s pals in Egypt met with HAMAS.

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