LL1885’s Year In Review: June

June saw violence in Chicago escalate and the national media largely ignored it, choosing to concentrate on George Zimmerman instead. The Black Panthers threatened violence and the DOJ did nothing. Rahm Emanuel said he had the right strategy to fight the mounting violence. Local media initially mapped out shootings, then pulled the map.

The media stoked racial tensions whenever they could. NYC also had it’s fair share of shootings. Flash mobs continued, so did a string of antisemitic acts.  Some antisemites even were running for office.

Anyone who wants a glimpse of how Obamacare will be run should check out how they handle medicaid fraud. Some might label Obamacare as a form of economic terrorism. Apparently none of those people are on the Supreme Court.

Jobs claims rose. Housing sales dropped. Manufacturing was down, so were stocks. Some people went to extreme measures in their living accommodations. The Feds wouldn’t disclose what people were buying with Food Stamps. The economy struggled and Obama insisted the private sector was doing fine.

The President told us Al Qaeda was dead, but we saw homegrown Jihad attempts increase. Some were even linked to HAMAS. Some were tied to Al Shabbab. Trials in NY and TX for terror plots proceeded.

Americans started renouncing citizenship to avoid taxes.

Andrea Mitchell and NBC selectively edited Romney campaign stop footage which became known as WaWaGate.

Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 of the 48 counts against him for sexually abusing young boys. May he burn in Hell.

The TSA continued its war on innocent travelers. The TSA expanded its reach to Subways and train stations.

Drone strikes continued. The media and the Left ignored it – even when drone bases were located on American soil.  Also, the Intelligence leaks continued.

Our DOJ dropped terrorism charges and this administration continued its policy of appeasement, white washing and censorship. Eric Holder was still in the hot seat over Fast and Furious. Obama granted him executive privilege. Congress scheduled their contempt vote of which Holder would be voted to be found in contempt. Holder chose his words poorly. It was also announced the DOJ would monitor elections in key states.

Untreatable Gonorrhea is spreading world wide.

Switzerland’s banks were being robbed with bazookas. The US was apparently funding Sesame Street in Pakistan.  More dismembered bodies were discovered over the border in Mexico. Burma began seeing muslim mob violence. Tunisia saw more rioting Islamists. The Golden Dawn in Greece made some disturbing threats.  HAMAS continued firing rockets into Israel; media only notices when Israel fires back. In Egypt, Obama’s beloved Muslim Brotherhood was laying out its plans for Sharia and their leader, Morsi, was demanding the return of the Blind Sheik.

Maxine Waters corruption case proceeded. John Bryson was accused of a hit and run.

The GSA continued to have scandal issues.

Obama granted more amnesty by fiat to illegals. Asking Obama questions became racist.

Scott Walker wasn’t going anywhere.

Alec Baldwin went on a series of adventures.

Richard Dawson, Nora Ephron and Ray Bradbury died.

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