LL1885’s Year In Review: May

April was another bloody month in Afghanistan.  It wasn’t much better in Mexico where cartel violence continued including nine bodies hung from a bridge.  Syria saw a terror attack kill 55 and wound another 375.  Our southern border is a very dangerous place.

The Obama administration bungled things with Chinese dissident and blind activist Chen Guangcheng.  In Egypt, Obama’s Arab spring produced two candidates for president – both wanting Jihad against the US.

The Obama administration continued its history of leaking intelligence information for political gain. Obama stupidly believes he can buy peace.  Can’t wait until Zero Dark Thirty hits.

The Presidential campaign continued. Obama found himself using the same attacks he opposed in 2008. Go figure.  Obama rolled out “Julia” – the creepy as Hell composite woman totally dependent on the government for her existence. Of course, hilarity ensued as Conservatives ripped Julia to shreds. I asked, Why Julia?

Obama’s attacks on Romney kept boomeranging back on him. Mitt Romney continued to pound Obama on the economy. The media focused like a laser in smearing Romney with anything they could. Jim Treacher was a one man army responding in kind.

Obama launched his new campaign slogan — FORWARD. The same slogan used by communist dictators and the Nazi’s. Fitting. So I launched Great Moments in #FORWARD.

We were introduced to the newly ‘evolved’ President, complete with Gaylo. Obama of course chickened out when it mattered.  Idiotic NC Governor Bev Perdue opened her mouth and inserted her foot again.  (NC’s Amendment one, banning gay marriage and adding an amendment to the state constitution, was on the ballot for the Primary.)

This was also the month President Narcissist jumped the shark.

Fauxcahontas saw more problems arise before her pale face and blue eyes.

Michelle Obama was still playing Food Nazi while stuffing her own face.

James O’Keefe turned his voter fraud investigation south into North Carolina. More here on NC. Small wonder he didn’t hit Florida though.

Contempt issued for Eric Holder by Issa.

Unemployment in the US hit 29.7 million and the BLS reports became a bad joke.

More emails came out of Climategate 2.

Michelle Goldberg took up Hilary Rosen’s mantle.

Anti-Sharia law passed in Kansas. Promptly attacked by the DOJ.

The Higher Education bubble came a little closer to bursting. Meanwhile, teachers in grade schools were busy pushing their politics on their students.

The knock-out game was back. So were flash mobs , race related assaults and faked gay hate crimes. Welcome to Obama’s Post Racial America.

George Zimmerman was arraigned. The media’s portrait of Zimmerman as a crazy, racist aggressor was crumbling. Of course, Bill Maher had a comment.

Donna Summer passed away. So did Robin Gibb.


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