LL1885’s Year In Review: March

In March, Foreign affairs didn’t change much. Obama continued to just blow hot air at Iran over nukes.

Putin was reelected and Obama transmitted a message to Vladimir. Syria continued to be a very bloody mess.

Coptic Church Pope Shenouda III died in Egypt.

In Afghanistan, a Robert Bales, a US soldier, goes rogue and kills 16 civilians.

Mohamed Merah died in a shootout in France after a shooting spree targeting Jews.


Andrew Breitbart died of a heart attack. My tribute to him: The Friday Focus (3/3/12) – Breitbart Edition

Rush Limbaugh had every feminazi in the country howling for his resignation after calling hired gun Sandra Fluke a slut.  He misspoke; she’s asking for money to fund her sex life, that makes her a hooker. Bill Maher’s attacks on women get a pass. The liberal hypocrisy on Maher was epic. It’s apparently just fine to call women horrible names so long as they are conservative women.

The Trayvon Martin shooting explodes. President Obama inserts himself into the fire and fans the flames of racism by stating that the dead boy looked like the son he never had.  Zimmerman was tried, convicted and executed by the media as a White-Hispanic racist murderer before any hard facts were released. Of course, Liberals screamed for more gun control and put bounties on Zimmerman’s head which the DOJ ignored.

In Chicago, the death toll on the South Side is starting to make headlines.

The 4th largest gun maker in the US ran out of guns.

Virginia’s governor signed an Ultrasound bill.

The Fed bought 61% of US Debt.

Unemployment was still ridiculously high and Obama couldn’t create jobs even if they came as seeds you just add water to.

Paul Ryan put his plan on the table and it made Obama’s look like a joke.

The EPA and TSA continued to violate laws and people. Bonus, a TSA employee was busted for running a prostitution ring.

The CBO blew the Obamacare narrative. Not much press was given to the 7 tax hikes in Obamacare. Those of us who read the bill found out we will be funding abortions. The Supreme court heard oral arguments on Obamacare.

The transparency in the White House continued as they were very truthful about Malia Obama’s taxpayer funded trip to Mexico.

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