LL1885’s Year In Review: February

In February, Israel marked the damage Obama has done to the US-Israel relationship by announcing they would not tell the US if they were to strike Iran.

Iran took a step closer to producing nuclear fuel.

Syria saw protests nationwide. Assad moved in military to quash it. The Chinese met with Assad. The US closes its embassy there due to the violence.

In the UK, Newscorp was in trouble for buying information about celebs and phone tapping issues arose.  Also, it was the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne.

Multiple attacks came on NATO and American troops, resulting in dozens of deaths, after some Korans were accidentally burned by military in Afghanistan. There were also several bombings in Iraq; 55 dead and over 200 wounded.

US gas prices rose.

Indiana ticked off Unions and signed a Right to Work bill. Washington passed same sex marriage.

The Left freaked out about a bill in VA which included, but did not mandate, an intravaginal ultrasound be performed before an abortion could be done.

Greece got a $170 billion dollar bail out.

The Christmas Underwear Bomber got life in prison.  Obama drone bombed a Cleric in Yemen to take out the planner of the Underwear bombing.

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