LL1885’s Year In Review: January

January we saw Occupy continue it’s ranting and raving. In Oakland, Occupy’s violent incidents grew as they clashed with police when they attempted to take over foreclosed and abandoned structures. Mayor Jean Quan fails to contain her occupy pals again.

Warren Buffet wanted us to pay our fair share while he continued to evade taxes and hide behind the lie about his secretary.

Obama threatened colleges with funding cuts if they tried to increase tuition. Obama cut the Pentagon budget 1%. That was the first cut since 1998. His state of the union resembled an Occupy rant; pushing the idea that rich people and businesses had to pay their fair share.  Obama paid a lot of lip service to jobs and manufacturing and then hopped off to Disney world to promote tourism…by shutting down Main Street USA for the day. Nice work.

The HHS contraception mandate requiring religious institutions to provide contraception free of charge, thusly violating their First Amendment rights, took center stage.

Jan Brewer (AZ) told off Obama on the tarmac.

Michelle Obama continued her war on our stomachs and food options while she ate as she pleased.

4 marines were condemned for urinating on Taliban bodies.

NC Governor Bev Perdue (Democrat) decided not to run for reelection and the now Republican controlled legislature set to overriding her record number of vetoes.

We had way too many Republican Presidential debates (see below). Romney won the FL primary. Gingrich won the SC primary. Gingrich’s ex-wife, Marianne, decided to come out and tell some lies; essentially killing him as a candidate. Rick Perry had some horrendous debate moments and called it quits. Perry then endorsed Gingrich. Huntsman also dropped out and endorsed Romney. Obama already was running ads in battleground states and ramping up Bain capital attacks.

Indiana passed a Right to Work bill. Unions freak out.

In Wisconsin, Unions were trying desperately to recall Scott Walker.

There was  debt ceiling vote in the house. Kabuki theater mostly. Obama pushed them to raise the debt ceiling briefly then made it clear he was going to circumvent them anyway.

Gabrielle Giffords resigned.

Eric Holder began his war on Voter ID laws. Later this year, in April, James O’Keefe will make Holder look like an absolute idiot.

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