LL1885’s 2012 Year In Review

Another year has gone by in a flash in some ways and moved like a snail in others.  Being an election year, we saw the media magnify some topics while selecting others to blackout. I would say that overall, the media has been the pervasive story this year.

The “mainstream media” has been an active participant in the Obama administration and a guardian on a rather large soapbox for the institutional Left.  The level of media bias in this country has reached a tipping point; it truly is functioning like the state-run media we see in communist nations, both past and present.

Other  highlights include:

  • The manufactured war on women
  • Obamacare, or as I call it, Obamatax
  • Fast and Furious
  • Eric Holder’s Corruption
  • Everything is racist
  • Trayvon Martin
  • Intelligence leaks
  • Aurora Theater shooting
  • Chicago Warzone
  • Flash mobs
  • Occupy
  • The never-ending Republican primary
  • Slut walks
  • Julia
  • Great moments in #FORWARD
  • Obama ate dog
  • Food police
  • Gas prices
  • Green energy loans and cronies
  • Wasteful spending
  • Secret Service scandals
  • Crippling debt, sustained high unemployment and high gas prices; rising food costs.
  • Eating the rich/class warfare rhetoric/47%
  • HHS Mandate
  • The Three Liberal Harpies: Sandra Fluke, Hillary Rosen and Lena Dunham
  • Chik-Fil-A
  • Paul Ryan
  • Presidential race: Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama 2012
  • Hurricane Sandy & FEMA’s pathetic response
  • Increased Islamofascism worldwide; whitewashing of related language in the US
  • Iranian nuke capability
  • Israel’s increasingly precarious position
  • Benghazi-gate

I’ve kept a small list of the more impressive and/or important videos from 2012: Videos of the Year – 2012
This is by no means complete, so feel free to poke around my YouTube Channel.

Below are the top 15 posts most trafficked posts I wrote this year:

  1. The Friday Focus: Free Speech in Obama’s America
  2. Review – 2016: Obama’s America (Updates)
  3. Raleigh NAACP & Occupy Jump On Trayvon Martin Bandwagon
  4. The Lunchbox Police
  5. Dear Adam M. Smith – Video is Forever. (Updated – Jackwagon got fired)
  6. The $50 Lesson Obama Hasn’t Learned
  7. Dear @iboudreau – Screenshots are forever
  8. Aurora Horror: James Eagan Holmes (Updates)
  9. Obama’s War On Dogs
  10. 9/11 Remembrances on Facebook – Obama v. Romney
  11. Obama Resumes Funding Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood
  12. LL1885′S ELECTION 2012 THREAD (Rolling Updates)
  13. Hilary Rosen To Ann Romney: Stay At Home Moms Don’t Count
  14. Review: Atlas Shrugged Part 2
  15. NBC FL GOP Presidential Debate (1/23/12)

Other notable posts were:

I have compiled some of the items I wrote about in 2012, along with the bigger news stories, and will be posting them separately by month. Sort of 12 days of Christmas for the news.

Funny side item: one of the top searches on my site to date is “Meghan McCain”. Seriously? I loathe that woman. That correlates with top all-time views of a particular edition of The Morning Links from August 2011.


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