#Benghazi: Another Lie Is Told (Updated)

This just in… The Office of DNI has voluntarily offered themselves up to be thrown under the bus regarding the “Benghazi talking points”. James Clapper, of ‘largely secular‘ idiotic statement fame, is laying down in the middle of the road for his King.  Via Hot Air, emphasis added is mine:

Meet James Clapper — the latest fall guy for the White House on Benghazi.  After last week’s hearings in Congress showed that the talking points from the CIA had been changed to eliminate the mention of terrorism, Washington erupted into a whodunit.

CBS News has learned that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) cut specific references to “al Qaeda” and “terrorism” from the unclassified talking points given to Ambassador Susan Rice on the Benghazi consulate attack – with the agreement of the CIA and FBI. The White House or State Department did not make those changes.

However, an intelligence source tells CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan the links to al Qaeda were deemed too “tenuous” to make public, because there was not strong confidence in the person providing the intelligence. CIA Director David Petraeus, however, told Congress he agreed to release the information — the reference to al Qaeda — in an early draft of the talking points, which were also distributed to select lawmakers.

“The intelligence community assessed from the very beginning that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.” DNI spokesman Shawn Turner tells CBS News. That information was shared at a classified level — which Rice, as a member of President Obama’s cabinet, would have been privy to. …

The head of the DNI is James Clapper, an Obama appointee. He ultimately did review the points, before they were given to Ambassador Rice and members of the House intelligence committee on Sept. 14. They were compiled the day before.

Note that this report doesn’t pin the blame on Clapper himself.  It instead locates the change in Clapper’s “office,” allowing for a rather non-specific assignment that makes almost no sense at all.  Are we to believe that a Clapper aide overruled David Petraeus’ assessment of Benghazi?  If so, on what basis?

There is more. Go read it.

September 14th they were approved? Those must be magic talking points as I’d like to point out Carney was already using the video talking points before September 14th, as were Hillary Clinton and Obama himself:

Even if they were ‘compiled’ the day before, Clinton was using them on the 13th. Obama used them on the 12th. Clapper if full of crap.  This is all besides the point and yet another one of this administration’s manufactured distractions. It makes no difference what talking points were given to whom and when; this White House approved them and sent Rice out with the. On top of that, Carney, Clinton and Obama himself all used them as well. The truth was known within hours and yet this President and his administration purposefully deceived the nation for three weeks. The President even went in front of the United Nations and lied.

Enough with the games. Enough with the lies. This administration is rotten to the core. Assign the independent counsel.


UPDATE 11/22/12:

Report: Contra CBS, Intelligence Community Did Not Alter Benghazi Talking Points – By Eliana Johnson – The Corner – National Review Online

There is a video clip that accompanies this text:

A congressional source familiar with the testimony delivered Thursday by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says that, in his testimony, Clapper was insistent that he did not alter the Benghazi talking points to remove references to al-Qaeda or terrorism. That raises questions about the latest CBS news report indicating that the talking points were edited in Clapper’s office. It was there, according to CBS, where ‘al-Qaeda’ and ‘terrorism’ disappeared from the unclassified version of the document that later found its way into the hands of UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and onto five Sunday morning news shows.

Senator Saxby Chambliss, the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, also made statements on Fox News Sunday that call the CBS report into question. Chambliss told Chris Wallace that, in Thursday’s hearings, “every leader” in the intelligence community was asked if he knew who changed the talking points. Nobody knew. “The only entity that reviewed the talking points that was not there,” Chambliss said, “was the White House.”

So, CBS made that up or did their “source”?  Either way, it’s effectively muddied the waters. I’m tapping my foot for an Independent Counsel to be assigned.

Another Update:

Amb. Susan Rice speaks at last: ‘I relied solely and squarely’ on US intelligence when blaming video

It’s encouraging to know she’s a consistent useful idiot. To anyone thinking this woman has done even a marginally good job in her various roles in government, you’re sadly mistaken. She’s been dangerously clueless throughout her career. Side note: If you call Rice incompetent you are racist AND sexist.


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