Broadwell-Petraeus Affair Just Went Movie Of The Week

Just a day ago I was hoping this thing didn’t turn into a cheesy soap opera or an episode of The Jersey Shore meets Army Wives. Too late.

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We’ve got a married woman from Tampa described as an ‘unpaid social liaison’ that in reality looks more like ‘paid liaison’ from Jersey, an FBI agent has been removed from the investigation after it came out he had been sending pictures of himself shirtless to said ‘unpaid liaison’ and a second General now caught up in the mix.  The Feds raided Broadwell’s home last night, but wouldn’t say what they were looking for. Maybe they were looking for even more of a paper trail than the harassing emails Broadwell sent to the unpaid liaison, Kelley. Petraeus says he was shocked to learn Broadwell had been threatening Kelley. Fun fact – Broadwell lives only about 15 miles away from John Edward’s mistress, Rielle Hunter. Holly Petraeus is understandably furious.  Fire up that lawyer, Holly

No one seems interested that this investigation wrapped up 4 days before the election. I wrote yesterday about who knew what and when and I stand by my doubt that the President did not know prior to the election.

Meanwhile regarding the real story – Benghazi, the CIA and FBI timelines don’t match up. No one seems to care much about that or Petraeus’ statements on Benghazi changing.

The Hearings are two days away. Keep hyping up the Petraeus affair, Media. You’ve almost got it loud enough to drown out what will be revealed at them.



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