Post-Election Thoughts – Part 2

Yesterday was rough. There were friends who voted for Obama who remained rather silent from commentary. Then there were those on Twitter and Facebook — ones where the concept of ‘winning gracefully’ has never entered their mind. Needless to say, I think perhaps a lot of people did some Facebook friend cleaning and some Twitter blocking. Here on the blog, I had a nut I banned on the LL1885 Facebook page decide to come and gloat while simultaneously trying to claim the high ground.  It takes all kinds.

I’ve seen a few stories about this nation being divided. Indeed it would seem to be. Quite literally – blue on each coast and red in the middle. It would be easy to generalize and stereotype those who voted for either candidate, but I’m not going down that road like some others have. My own musings do include a realization that the 47% – the number uttered by Romney that was supposed to shock and upset people – actually exists and a sizable amount of them likely voted. I’ve upset a liberal friend or two by stating that; how they cannot see the level of dependence in this nation, that their own party pushed to create and maintain, well – it is their own form of Romnesia I suppose.

The numbers keep changing. Some state tallies take time. Yesterday (via Google Politics) Romney had 56,944,183 to Obama’s 59,567,135. Today, the number I see Romney at 48.1% with57,821,399 votes. Obama at 50.1% and 60,662,601 votes.  Only 2% difference.

Almost a 50-50 split in geography and in raw votes. We see a lot of Red and Blue states up there, but are they really?

I would encourage folks to drill down in these electoral maps and not go by the overall Red and Blue. Take Ohio for example:


The state overall was Red by county, but went Blue in population heavy urban areas.

Florida was a little more evenly split, but still majority red. Again, Obama took the larger cities. Virginia was the same deal. Mostly Red yet the Blue where there were larger cities. You see it again in Colorado. One of the most glaring examples is Pennsylvania:

All of us out there staring into space wondering, ‘how could so many people could vote for Obama?’ need to see these maps. A lot of states went largely for Romney, except in the cities. Drilling down to the state level like this shows not just a divide between Obama and Romney or Red and Blue states — it shows a stark divide between urban vs rural.  Well, we knew Obama hates the suburbs.

I’ve got more thoughts on the actual campaigns that were run by each side, but I can’t bring myself to dive back into the trough of pig slop the Obama campaign served up right now. I will say that the campaigns were wholly different – one went above-board with the issues, the other used women like sexual stage props. Nope – can’t go there right now. Perhaps over the weekend.

I will go out and call out the Tea Party Patriots for their slamming of the Romney campaign the day after. You have little room for your complaining and finger-pointing. We were all in the bunker, where the Hell were you? We saw a blip of endorsement in the Primaries then radio silence. Complaining about the candidate that was chosen when you didn’t present your own is stupid and not very constructive. Please can it.

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2 Responses to Post-Election Thoughts – Part 2

  1. Linda M says:

    Been thinking about this issue since the other night. Why is it the few get to decide who leads us? Getting a close up of the maps have been interesting and my faith in humanity just may be restored. However, if we continue to see the malaise I have witnessed from friends and family all of the fighting in the world won’t matter. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but I think the only way to light a fire under their asses is to show them they have something worth fighting for. I know, you would think all of the crap Bam Bam pulled would have done him in. The moment the dems started showing all of the useful idiots they were going to lose their free crap, it galvanized their narcissistic base. Pop culture once again was used against righteous men. Perhaps it is time to allow those who do not care enough (the “it doesn’t matter who won it’s over” crowd) to lose what is most important to them. I only hope it does not take losing their freedom to wake them up.


  2. MM says:

    My last REgressive “friend” and I are fini this cycle-I’m surprised we talked as long as we did. I started losing these “friends” years ago when I stopped holding my tongue.


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