Post-Election Thoughts – Part 1 of ?

There will be a ton of post-mortems out there in the coming weeks and months. I want to put it out there right now that I have little complaint with the campaign Romney ran. It was a gentleman’s campaign, which should have carried more weight than it did however in an increasingly identity politics driven society, it failed to gain said weight. Last night, Atlas shrugged a shoulder.

This posts and subsequent themed posts are my way of working through the re-election of a man who is arguably one of the worst Presidents we’ve ever had. His record spoke for itself and this nation is divided; one only has to look at the popular vote tally to recognize that. Now that I have slept on it, I see last night as a bit of a wash. Matt Welch at ReasonTV closely hits on what I mean by that in terms of the House. Mr. Liberty and I talked a bit last night and we agree – the next two years will be like the last two years and we will see another 2010 election in 2014.  Here’s Welch’s comments:


In 2008, I was not yet blogging. I did, however, email a sort of list of predictions to myself the night Obama was elected. Quite a few of them came true in some fashion. In fact, most of them did. This list I am posting is by no means complete, but is what I came up with off the top of my head in free-flow writing.  Let me state that neither now nor in 2008 did I actively WANT the President to fail. If he fails, we fail. Given the last four years, I do not see how it is possible he won’t fail again. The man is an economic illiterate and he is surrounded by ‘Yes’ men – by choice.  Anyway, here is my list for Obama’s second term:

1. Economic growth will remain anemic.  If we are very lucky, we’ll see it pick up to over 2%. Unemployment will not fall below 7%; I expect it to rise closer to 9% at some point. People and businesses will begin flocking to right to work, Red states. We’ve already begin to see said migration. I think this will impact future electoral maps perhaps as early as 2020.

2. Gas will not fall below $3 unless the economy bottoms out and this ‘recovery’ they keep telling us we are in is recognized not as a recovery but as a depression. Gold and Silver prices will rise. Cost of living in general is going to continue to climb. Food, clothes and other goods will stay elevated so long as gas is. Moms and those who do the grocery shopping will notice this most of all.

3. Home foreclosures will remain a constant.  Consolidation of the populace in Blue states to urban areas will continue.

4. The poor will get poorer. If last night’s election told us one thing, it is that the 47% does exist and they voted accordingly. It was disheartening to see identity politics and class warfare win versus issue driven politics. Those who voted for Obama have only themselves to blame. Clearly they learned nothing in the last 4 years. Perhaps in light of these results, we should all start deciding if we wish to be Morlocks or Eloys.

5. Obama needs a villain, always has and always will. Men of weak character usually do. Obama no longer has Bush to kick around in a second term. Congress will be the new Bush. Speaker Boehner will have an uncomfortable time as he likely will be made into the Anti-Christ by the Obama administration. Expect a revival of the ‘Tea party as terrorists’ meme from the Left. Obama’s answer for everything will be to spend more money and blame others for the mounting debt. Pretty much what we’ve seen for the previous four years.

6. Iran gets the bomb. The Middle East will continue to be in upheaval; the Apology Tour Part II will ensue. Continued cuts to our military will make us weaker. Obama will opt for more drone strikes. We will be attacked again – both at home and most definitely abroad. Fort Hood was a warm up. Side Note: I am uncertain what Obama will do on GITMO at this point. He has readied over 50 detainees for release. Then there is the Blind Sheik. I believe this administration will release him at some point. There is nothing stopping them now.

7. This one I hope will not happen – Israel will be attacked. Obama will do the bare minimum to assist them. Should this happen, we will see World War III.

8. Occupy makes a comeback in 2013. Expect more class warfare and potentially, race riots in urban areas (of Blue states) are likely as things worsen economically for lower-income families. There are two paths. Last night voters chose one. We’ve been warned that this country is following a quasi-socialist path and apparently Greece and Spain were not big enough deterrents.

9. Obamacare will close more businesses and drive the unemployment rate. Insurance premiums will skyrocket. Outcry will be loud. The Senate and House will look for ways to water it down without repealing it. Related – The assault on religious freedom will continue. Hand in hand with that assault will be more trampling of free speech; I don’t think it will get this far but the idea of criminalizing blasphemy speech was kicked around by this administration quite recently.

10. Illegal immigration will start to take center stage again as conditions worsen. Frankly, I am surprised we have not seen a terrorist attack originating from our Southern border yet. I would expect to see numbers coming over the border drop off as conditions here worsen.

11. Benghazi is not going away.  I assume Hillary Clinton is going to get the Hell out of Dodge. Her replacement is not someone I would envy.

12. Gay marriage won’t be touched. Obama has shown he has no intention of ever pursuing it. The LGBT front will get louder and uglier.  Civility will become a foreign term.

13. Expansion of existing government welfare programs will happen. Addition of some new ones are likely. All of which we will borrow more money from China to pay for, because we simply don’t have enough wealthy people to cannibalize (even if we taxed them 100%) to pay for a fraction of it. You cannot legislate prosperity nor economic fairness. Anyone from Spain or Greece can tell you that.  I expect to see a chunk of the wealthy and larger businesses go Galt.

14. Obama likes his control. Expect DHS to be in everyone’s business and expand the TSA to more localities. I expect to see a steady flow of gun sales nationwide.

15. Congress will attempt to control the EPA. They will fail more than they succeed. This President will continue to push his failed Green agenda. This will, of course, cost the taxpayer.

16. I think Congress will also start calling out crony capitalism by the administration. Perhaps that is wishful thinking, but this is the second term and all bets are off. New tone? Yeah, don’t expect to see a lot of civility. Gridlock is what we’ll get and for the first time I am slightly thankful for it.

If even half of these predictions are close, this nation will be a limping, quasi-socialist, European economic style train wreck. We’re not far off now and Taxamageddon is only months away.

In 2008, they voted for Hope and Change. In 2012 they voted for Fear and Loathing. Of all the things that are depressing about the re-election of Barack Obama, the one that bothers me the most is that over 50 million of my countrymen voted to be fooled again. Shame on them.

I do think that when this term comes to near its close, we won’t see a Democrat in the White House for some time.

There will be more post-election musings to come.

Update: Ace of Spades offers some similar thoughts.

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