Election 2012 – The Other Races (Updated)

Races around the country of note:

Mia Love has lost in Utah but remains Mayor of Saratoga Springs. Unfortunate and disheartening.

Allen West looks to have lost his re-election bid. This would be a bad blow.

Bachmann looks to have been re-elected.

Brown and Mourdock both lost.

Elizabeth Warren defeated Scott Brown. God help Massachussetts. Occupy now has a candidate in Congress.

Hastings and Wasserman Schultz both retained their seats. Travesty.

NC elects Pat McCrory — the first Republican Governor in 20 years. Romney carried NC.  The NC Senate races favored Republicans 7 to 3.  The 13 NC US Congressional races favored Republicans 9-3; the important race between McIntrye and Rouzer in NC 07 has not yet been called. Tea Party favorite Renee Ellmers retained her seat.

Also of note, Colorado passes Amendment 64, legalizing Pot.  Obama still has no mandate and said a whole lot of the nothing we’ve heard over the last 4 years in his acceptance speech. California is well on its way to imploding with the passage of Prop 30.

As of this post, it would appear Romney lost the popular vote with 56,944,183 to Obama’s 59,567,135.   In 2008, Obama won with 66,882,230 over McCain’s 58,343,671. The margin there was slashed quite a bit by Romney.


UPDATE: Ted Cruz won. That’s a very good thing.

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  1. MM says:

    Almost 9 million fewer voters this time?????? Mia Love up over 12% in a state that went 100% Republican and loses???? Republicans didn’t vote in greater numbers, with everything on the line, more than for McCain????

    Something really stinks


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