LL1885’S ELECTION 2012 THREAD (Rolling Updates)

Welcome to the LL1885 Election 2012 Thread

This post will be updated throughout the day and evening until the election is called. Updates will begin below the fold, but first a few items that will remain static:

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  3. Here’s the list of when the polls close and where: Election Day polls: closing times
  4. Breitbart has an updating Election day Shenanigans Post.

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET VOTED… What the $#@% are you waiting for? Go do it now.


Rolling Updates (newest first):

*Disclaimer *

I am not vouching for or against the accuracy of any links posted here today. We all know what a zoo Election day can be. Read the items and decide for yourself. I will attempt to post updates, corrections and the like as the day progresses.

11:24 PM: FOX and all the MSM are projecting Obama is re-elected. I am beside myself. Apparently, my countrymen can be fooled twice and have blinders on to the last four years of failure, debt, scandal, trampling of the Constitution and assault on our liberty.

In 2014, the Dems have twice as many seats in the Senate to defend and I see another 2010 election coming. We can do this dance for 2 more years. I fully expect the Oversight committee to go for the jugular on Benghazi. I know I will be doing little more than beating on THAT drum in the coming months. This president now has carte blanche to deliver the final death blows to this nation.

On a personal note – I need to step away from the blog and related writings for a little bit. I’ve dedicated the better part of 3 years to this fight, just as many of the friends I have made along this journey have, and I’m a bit more than heartbroken to see the results tonight. I say more than heartbroken, because I do not see things improving in a second term under Obama, but rather worsening. I will be shoring up my family’s position in every possible aspect. I would urge everyone reading this to do the same. Harder times than we see now are coming.

Thank you for patronizing this blog and sharing what you’ve learned here. I will return, but I need to step away for a bit.

God Bless you and your families and God Help this nation survive.


11:16 PM:
FOX calls OH for Obama. I am going to drink a lot now. Jehmu Greene can kiss my ass with her Ohio poll analysis.

11:15 PM: FOX has the projected electoral count 263 Obama, 203 Romney.

11:12 PM: Fauxcahontas is going to be Scott Brown in MA. I can’t believe that socialist cow is going to win.

11:10 PM: MO moves to the Romney column.

11:02 PM: NC is 98% counted and Romney is up by 2%. ABC can do what they want, but I’m calling my home state for Romney.

11:00 PM: West Coast polls are now closed. Romney still leads in popular vote by over 2 million.

10:53 PM: Romney projected to win AZ.

10:47 PM: It’s a 16k difference in FL with 92% reporting.

10:44 PM: West coast polls close in 10 minutes or so.

10:41 PM: Apparently my countrymen want to be fooled twice and want us to emulate socialist Europe.

10:40 PM: Florida is taking forever. This is a make or break.

10:27 PM: Looks like McCaskill will hold on in MO.

10:22 PM: Projected win for Obama in New Mexico with only 7% reporting. Florida is still way too close.

10:09 PM: Romney leads the popular vote by 2%.

10:07 PM: Projected electoral at this point is 162 Romney, 157 Obama. This assumes PA, WI, MI – which I question this early.

10:05 PM: Mourdock is still trailing. Doesn’t look good.

10:04 PM: Florida is giving me an ulcer.

9:54 PM: ABC projects MN for Obama with less than 5% reporting.

9:52 PM: MSM projecting states for one or the other with less than 1/4 of precincts reporting. Boggling. I forsee some backtracking.

9:41 PM: NBC is projecting Warren wins MA. Only 31% reporting. Again, I think this is too early.

9:40 PM: Projections have Electoral votes at Obama 158 to Romney 153 at this point.

9:32 PM: ABC is calling everything WAY too early. NBC is also. I think they will have to scale back on PA and MI.

9:25 PM: FL is very close, Obama ahead but Romney closing the gap.

9:21 PM: Republicans projected to retain control of the House.

9:17 PM: ABC is calling PA for Obama with only 7% reporting. I think they called this too early.

9:15 PM: Brown trails Warren by 4% in Mass.

9:08 PM: WY and MO projected for Romney. NY for Obama.

9:06 PM: ND, SD, NE projected for Romney.

9:05 PM: Electoral projection Romney 153, Obama 123.

9:02 PM: McCrory wins NC governor. Acceptance speech ongoing at this time.

9:01 PM: Ellmers wins in NC. Romney projected to win TX, KS and ABC calls MI for Obama with only 9% reporting. I don’t buy MI yet.

8:55 PM: LA projected for Romney.

8:52 PM: Rouzer trailing in NC 07 by 2%. Only about 12% reporting.

8:47 PM: NC Congressional – Ellmers way ahead, Jones, Price, Coble,McHenry, Watt and Coble projected as winners.

8:45 PM: AL, TN, GA for Romney. Romney up in VA.

8:44 PM: NC shows Romney ahead 52-47%

8:30 PM: AP calls NC Governor for McCrory with 54% of the vote.

8:29 PM: Obama projected to win DE, IL, MD, MASS, DC, RI. Romney projected to take OK. Tally of electoral projected so far Obama 78 – Romney 65.

8:26 PM: Lonely Conservative also has coverage.

8:25 PM: Projections give Obama taking CT, NJ.

8:00 PM: I have to pause to put my kids to bed so I can have a proper nervous breakdown.

7:52 PM: GA is projected for Romney.

7:42 PM: W. VA and SC are being projected for Romney.

7:30 PM: The polls in NC, OH and WV have now closed. KY and IN have been projected for Romney. VT for Obama.

7:19 PM: Some useful links and a few more updates.


  1. The PJ Tatler: Swing State Returns Live Blog
  2. Vodkapundit: Election Night Drunkblogging
  3. Zero Hedge: Live Election Tracker


  1. Poll problems cropping up in spots around US
  2. This is no joke — hundreds of Pinellas County voters told Election Day is tomorrow by SOE office
  3. Intimidation in Detroit: Report of GOP vote observer chased by man claiming to have gun
  4. Texas: Dems In Houston Offer ‘Obama Phones’ In Exchange For Votes
  5. More Election Day Artwork
  6. Obama poster hangs feet from Newark, NJ polling booths

5:25 PM: Updates will resume once the polls start closing. Check back.

5:00 PM:

  1. SEIU electioneering within 15 feet of poll in IN
  2. Poll workers ignoring court order to cover Obama mural

4:45 PM:

  1. PA Judge orders Obama mural to be covered up in polling place
  2. UN election observers shocked Americans don’t have to show ID
  3. Chinese group in Boston passing out ballots instructing people to vote Warren and Obama

4:30 PM:

  1. Obama supporter attempts to rile up the line in Florida by chanting ‘Suppression”; fails
  2. Machines in OH ‘not working right’; provisional ballots being handed out like candy
  3. GOP wins early turnout in CO
  4. Federal Jobs Corp Van being used to cart voters to polls in WI

4:20 PM:

  1. Oregon elections worker fired after ballot tampering.
  2. Sign stealer caught in the act
  3. Obama supporter earns visit from cops; assault charge

12:35 PM:

  1. Twitter / Atlasshrugs: Trying to vote third time – ballot fails #nyfix #wth #romneywillwinanyway http://instagr.am/p/RsjzvYxQ-q/
  2. NC election official: Democrat may have voted twice
  3. Exclusive: Faked Tea Party Flyer Urges OH Voters to Defeat ‘N***er in the White House’
  4. Election Judge Wears Obama Hat in Obama’s Home Ward
  5. Detroit Polls: Obama Campaigner Punches Voter in Face

12:25 PM:

  1. Howard Dean Already Alleging Voter Suppression
  2. Judge Issuing Order to Reinstate GOP Election officials In Philly
  3. Former GOP official: ‘I was told I’d already voted, but I hadn’t”

12:15 PM:

  1. Allegation of unions putting illegal immigrants on voter rolls clouds Nevada voting
  2. How I rigged the Democrats’ vote
  3. Photo: Voters in Philadelphia forced to vote next to giant Obama mural
  4. New York U.S Senate candidate Wendy Long accuses poll worker of misconduct
  5. New Black Panthers also in Ohio; Unconfirmed reports of former Navy SEALs heading to Ohio, Pa. to guard against voter intimidation

11:45 AM: These updates are a compilation of earlier reported stories. I did not have this thread up yet when they broke. See the individual links for time stamps.

  1. Twitter / Liberty_Chick: Hello #VoteSuppressionTruthers? (Black Panther Photo)
  2. Second Election Reports from Citizen Journalists, As Polls Open
  3. Philly GOP: Poll inspectors being ousted for Dems
  4. Report: Obama Attempts to Steal Philly: Black Panthers In, Repub Poll Workers Out
  5. Philly Activist Group Shreds GOP Voter Registrations
  6. Group home accused of taking patients to vote for Obama, as agency disputes claim
  7. Ohio: Early Vote Down 4.1% In Blue Counties; Up 14.4% In Red
  8. 2012 Voting Machines Altering Votes – (video)

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  1. Zilla says:

    Fox can suck it. the msm called it for Al Gore too early too. They need to coutn the votes, less than half were reporting in when they gave it to bathhouse barry. Fuck the msms, and fuck the left. I am done tolerating those jackasses. Tomorrow begins a new and very angry bunch of ass kicking, starting with ever lame limp squichy weak weenie in the GOP who have been rolling over for Barry all this time. Cryin John Boehner will be among the first to get removed via the nearest primary election – the surrender monkey wimp! We WILL clean out own freaking house.


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