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I said this yesterday and will say it again today, the media will bury this story. Yes, I am citing news outlets in this piece, however the major networks are indeed blowing this story off. It is up to the public to communicate the gravity of what happened in Benghazi and how this administration chose to do nothing besides lie about it for weeks. Then came the flip-flip from Jay Carney yesterday:

“The email you’re referring to was an open-source, unclassified email referring to an assertion made on a social media site that everyone in this room had access to and knew about instantaneously.” – Via Michelle Malkin

UH, what??
Flashback September 19th:

Let’s not forget that his boss got up in front of the UN and tried to blow sunshine up our rears by blaming a video while at the same time claiming to be defending freedom of speech:

Even now, the White House declines to comment on what Obama knew and when. Protect the King at all costs.

This should be front page news on every outlet there is, yet we’re seeing crap about binders, Big bird and bayonets. REALLY?? CBS seems to be the only one really following this front and center, but even they dropped it last night as Knoller’s Tweet shows. When it is covered, the stories are buried on page whatever and do more of covering the White House’s collective asses than reporting the facts. The facts are that multiple emails came through describing the kind of attack going on, the White House knew and they DID NOTHING. They stood by and let it happen.

This scandal is only slightly worse than the media malpractice of not covering it.  They want Obama re-elected at all costs – to Hell with reporting the news! Journalists across this country have broken the Golden first rule of journalism: Don’t become the story.

Well, their bias is now the story:

Althouse: The NYT kept the Libya hearing off the front page because “It’s three weeks before the election and it’s a politicized thing…”

From The Anchoress:

Last night, on twitter, I saw members of the press–not bloggers, not new media folk in pajamas but members of the mainstream press, writers from the NY Times and elsewhere, completely ignore breaking news of these emails and the utter collapse of the president’s preferred narrative; they chose to pretend that this story did not exist.

They decided, instead, to expend their energies in an attempt o make ideological hay out of a politician’s clumsy, ill-advised attempt to introduce theological ideas into the public arena. They were going for strident bumper-sticker speech, which is much less threatening, and challenging, than contemplating the age-old question (Book of Job, anyone? Crucifix, anyone?) of whether God sometimes allows evil to happen so that something great may later come of it.

YES!! My God, yes!!

Four Americans are dead, people. This President KNEW within hours of the attack exactly who was responsible and yet ran around the country, talk show circuit and debates LYING about it, as did all of his surrogates.  This is an active cover-up. Has been since the night of the attacks.

Now news comes out of Egypt that one of the ‘suspects’ in the Benghazi attack has been  killed in some kind of shootout in CairoMedia? *Crickets* Dear media: This is kind of huge.  Is this the same guy the NY Times outed and hasn’t seemingly followed up on? If so, then WOW.

Another has ‘suspect’ has been arrest in Tunisia while trying to enter Turkey with false papers. I see CBS covering it. No other major network that I saw. I give kudos to The Daily Beast on this one.


UPDATE: Will Obama’s Benghazi Cover-Up Succeed?


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  2. I searched the Department of State website, curiously found nothing that indicates the USA has a post in Benghazi. Cover Up yes, but what? Not only the Media, but our Congress and Judiciary are complicit with the usurper in chief! This truly is a sad day for the home of the brave. 😦


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