Libya Timeline (Video)

By now you know CBS has provided documentation that the White House knew from the very beginning that Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

You also know Obama and his administration lied for 3 weeks about it. As recent as this very week, Obama himself was dodging the topic in the Presidential debate.

You also now know the White House’s response to these emails uncovered by CBS.

Are you mad? Scared? Outraged?

Good. Share everything you can find about Benghazi and what happened there. The media will not do it. We have to.

Here’s one to share right now. Right Change has a new video out on the Libya Timeline and it hits every single important date going back to this past spring. It highlights the falsehoods, misdirection and outright lies from this administration on Benghazi. It also includes remarks from Lara Logan at the 3:50 mark which sent chills up my spine because she is exactly right.  The only thing missing at the end are the cables CBS reported on.

It’s 5:17 long and definitely worth your time.


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    Unbelievable-HTF did he ever think he would get away with this?


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