Some Lingering 3rd Debate Thoughts

I did running commentary during the debate.

I did a linkfest again.

None of which really summed up the over-all nauseating feeling I had watching the President weasel around and NOT ANSWER the questions. I think I might actually pity him a bit. He clearly believes his own BS. So small, snarky and nasty.

Having said that, I therefore am invoking Mr. T:


For those of you who fiddle and fuss over the polling numbers, this version might be more your taste:

The Mathematical Proof for Mr. T’s Infinite Pity

For life to exist there must be a symmetric equation regarding the factors of pity(p) and fools(f) -> p-f=0. If any one factor rose to a level higher than the other, life as we know it would cease to exist.

The fool factor can be decisively measured by dividing jibba-jabba(j) by tolerance for said jibba-jabba(t) -> f=j/t. With these two equations we can deduce: p-f=0; f=j/t ->p-(j/t) = 0 -> p = j/t.

This equation leads to quite an interesting result. As we can see, if we hold jibba-jabba constant, as tolerance for said jibba-jabba approaches 0, pity approaches infinity.

Now we all well know that Mr. T “ain’t got no time for the jibba-jabba.” In fact, extensive observational studies have been conducted and even with machines able to calculate with precision to the 23rd decimal place, Mr. T’s tolerance for jibba-jabba has been conclusively found to be 0, and therefore Mr. T’s pity is the literal embodiment of the concept of infinity.

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