Presidential Debate #3 Linkfest

Last night was the final Presidential debate. This thread will serve as my usual rundown and link-around. My commentary from during the debate can be found here.

LL1885’s overall take:

  • Best moderated debate yet. Bob kept his trap shut and that worked out well.
  • Benghazi was swept under the rug.
  • Fast and Furious didn’t even get mentioned.
  • Obama lied a lot. Romney missed chances to hit him on them.
  • Romney kept an even keel while Obama seemed like he was racing to catch up each question. This resulted in a lot of creepy looks from Obama and quite a bit of petty snark. Net-net effect: Romney looked like the incumbent and looked more presidential.
  • Romney won. It wasn’t a win like the first debate, but he came out and did what he needed to do. He successfully pushed the narrative that Obama has not led and that the world doubts our resolve and strength as a nation. Obama has not delivered on his 2008 promises, but in fact made our reputation worse. Romney also effectively highlighted that the President’s default mode of debating is not to offer solutions and talk about himself, but rather to attack Romney. Shorter: “Attacking me is not an agenda.”
  • Romney displayed stability. Obama displayed narcissism.
  • In my opinion, Obama really blew it on ‘What role America should play‘.  He highlighted almost everything that he managed to screw up in the last 4 years and try to sell them as positives. Then he attacked Romney. Obama didn’t really answer to the question posed. Fail.
  • I doubt this will impact the polls or voter opinion much. If it does, I think it will be in Romney’s favor and not Obama’s. People know who they want by now. I maintain 201 is going to look like a warm up.  (Note: As I was finishing this post, my suspicion was confirmed.)

Fun Fact: Obama received more speaking time at all three debates

Another Fun Fact: Romney kicked back with burgers and milkshakes before the debate.

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Transcript at ABC and NY Times. I don’t give just one anymore after ABC edited out comments last time.

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IowaHawk won Twitter again last night.


I plucked some tweets from last night. In the effort of saving space and time, they are linked instead of embedded:

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