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Binders Versus Benghazi Edition

Our liberal friends have decided it is better to ignore and mock than to deal with the actual issues once again. The Left has decided to mount another Big Bird attack, this time it’s not a bird but binders. No, really. Binders.

No I am not kidding.

Back story:

During the Hofstra debate, Governor Romney mentioned he had at one time collected names of women to include in possible additions to his cabinet. The line, “Binders full of women” is what is being run with here. He kept all these candidates in binders. Somehow, this was hilarious to the Left and they have begun trying to resurrect their pathetic war on women meme using it. Their attempt to deflect for Obama only draws more attention to the intent of Romney to elevate women.


So…We now have a #WarOnBinders going on. Could the level of childishness get any lower? One has to wonder as the Democrats, Team Obama and the Left attempt to distract from the real take-away from the debate: Candy Crowley and Obama tag-teaming Romney with lies about Benghazi.


It is apparently offensive to the Left that the Governor would have collected resumes of intelligent, qualified women and organized them in binders for the purpose of hiring them to be part of his cabinet.  What is it the Left has against office supplies and giving women jobs? The absurdity is beyond eye rolling. Just ignore that Obama’s own administration has been plagued by its treatment of female staffers. Who cares if their biggest icon aside from Obama was a womanizer impeached by Congress. Nothing to see there. Move along.

This campaign has sought to mock, induce fear, smear and spin lie after lie. They have dodged answering questions and chosen to finger point instead. This campaign and the Democrat party is morally and intellectually bankrupt. If you’re asking yourself right now whether you should laugh or cry, the answer is laugh…All the way to the polls.


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