Benghazi Twist – Video a patsy?

This morning, American Crossroads has a devastating new ad out that lays out who blamed what and when. It ends it up with CNN’s Candy Crowley – fitting given she was actively running defense for Obama at the Hofstra debate.

Here’s the video:

Boom. There it is.

Now, onto something that I’ve already been kicking around about what actually set off the Egypt protests that spread across the Middle East. It’s starting to look more plausible, even if it might sound convoluted and fantastical. I want to state now, this is just a theory I’ve built based on the facts presented. It is malleable and where possible I’ve cited my supporting sources. In other words, take this with a grain of salt and come to your own conclusions.

Now, Forward:


O.k., so — let’s all remember this administration and President’s blaming of the video and the subsequent scooping up of an American citizen for ‘voluntary questioning‘.  We saw that this administration then tucked away Nakoula in solitary confinement and who was later dragged into court and charged conveniently with a laundry list of probation violations.  The probation violations were transparent excuse to shut this guy up and more and more people are seeing that pretty clearly.

Please also remember that it was CNN who broadcast who this man was, where to find him and camped out in front of his house.

Bear in mind that Nakoula’s arrest in 2009 and subsequent release on probation in 2010 was tied to Nakoula becoming a government informant. The likelihood that the DOJ had knowledge of this video project is probably pretty good considering all the information, evidence they had on him and ‘detailed briefings’ they had with him.  We also need to remember who Nakoula was involved with and that person’s ties to terrorism.

Got all that so far? Quick recap: DOJ involvement with Nakoula prior to 9/11 video fiasco, CNN routing Nakoula out, Nakoula’s terrorist ties.

The Blind Sheik

Flashback to this past spring. Back in June, Muslim Brotherhood President Elect Morsi issued a vow to free the Blind Sheik.

Quick note, remember that the “video” aired on September 9th in Egypt and had until then been unheard of.

Now hop back to earlier this September, when whisperings that the Obama administration was going to release the Blind Sheik surfaced just over a week after the 9/11 riots in the Middle East.  These rumors prompted a letter to be fired off to the DOJ and Hillary Clinton by ranking members of the major House and Senate committees.  That letter calls into question the root cause of the uprisings:



With me so far? Good.

Now, enter this story at The Conservative Tree House:

CNN Exposed – Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist, Amber Lyon, Blows The Whistle…. Simultaneously Answers One of my questions

The piece asserts that the video by Nakoula was not the cause of the uprisings in Egypt, but instead protests for the release of the Blind Sheik.  The story about the video then would be just a convenient tool to use to make the protests spread. This tactic sounds a lot like a Radiohead hoax in NYC.  Make a lot of noise, attract the crowds you need.

Commentary Magazine ran a similar story on September 12:

USA Today reports that the riot at the U.S. embassy in Cairo appears to have been planned well before the Egyptian media reported on the anti-Islam YouTube film that was blamed for sparking the protest. The protest was reportedly announced on August 30 by Gamaa Islamiyya, an Egyptian terrorist group, to call for the release of its leader, Sheikh Omar abdel Rahman — aka the blind sheik, who is serving a life sentence for the first World Trade Center bombing:

Days of planning and online promotion by hard-line Islamist leaders helped whip up the mobs that stormed the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and launched a deadly attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya that killed an ambassador and three others. …

The protest was planned by Salafists well before news circulated of an objectionable video ridiculing Islam’s prophet, Mohammed, said Eric Trager, an expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

The protest outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo was announced Aug. 30 by [Gamaa Islamiyya], a State Department-designated terrorist group, to protest the ongoing imprisonment of its spiritual leader, Sheikh Omar abdel Rahman, who is serving a life sentence in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Based on the report, it sounds like the anti-Islam YouTube video was a secondary issue — a way for Islamist leaders to stoke anger and draw more bodies out to the embassy protest. If the storming of the embassy was organized by Gamaa Islamiyya — as opposed to a spontaneous uprising — why hasn’t the State Department’s response reflected that? It’s hard to imagine they’re not aware of the group’s activities. In June, the State Department actually issued a visa to a member of Gamaa Islamiyya — again, this is a designated terrorist organization — and met with him in Washington, as part of a delegation of Egyptian leaders. During the meeting, he reportedly asked White House officials to release the blind sheik. Here was the State Department’s defense at the time, which is even more astonishing in light of the latest news:

“We neither had then, nor do we have now, any reason to believe that this particular individual — who at the time of his application was a member of parliament — would pose a threat to the United States,” [State Department spokesperson Victoria] Nuland told reporters.

Nuland pointed to rapid changes in the Middle East, where an Islamist was declared the winner Sunday of Egypt’s first democratic presidential elections a year and a half after street protests toppled strongman Hosni Mubarak.

“It’s a new day in Egypt; it’s a new day in a lot of countries across the Middle East and North Africa. So new political personalities are coming to light,” Nuland said.

“We have more folks who want to come here, want to know us, want to learn about the US, want to develop relationships with us. We have the same interest with regard to them,” she said.

Apparently State miscalculated on that “develop relationships” part.

The Blind Sheik was the real impetus behind the Egypt riots on 9/11. The Video was a useful idiot so to speak; one that allowed the wide-ranging spread of and astroturfing of the original protest without drawing too much attention to that original intent. This was the Muslim Brotherhood flexing its arm behind the scenes to get what it wanted. Don’t forget that $450 billion Obama sent them in lieu of the Sheik’s release. That was a payoff.

The video was obscure and likely never would have seen the light of day unless attention was given to it. One group likely knew about it beforehand and decided to turn Nakoula and his video into useful idiots. I have the suspicion Nakoula was and still is an agitator in his own right after reading about his past. We will perhaps never know since he’s safely tucked away under lock and key and out of the public reach. Convenient.

So, what I’m theorizing here is that Nakoula and his video were a patsy.  A convenient scapegoat and rationale for releasing the Blind Sheik, who was the real cause behind the demonstrations in Cairo.

What this administration did not count on was the Al Qaeda cell crashing their little party in Benghazi with RPG’s that killed 4 Americans. Kind of poetic justice in a sick way; one group of terrorists using the pre-packaged riots and ready-made video excuse of another lying group of thugs to execute a raid of their own.

When the consulate was under attack, there was a drone watching the whole thing in real-time. There was no protest and those watching in this administration knew it. The President didn’t even stay up to see what happened and instead hit the sack. The President didn’t have to worry, they had their video excuse handy and their media to pump it out with.


The administration, being the bunglers they are, the next day used that ready-made excuse for Benghazi too. However, things went sideways pretty quickly.

Within days that narrative was falling to pieces on all fronts and total amateur hour ensued with every mouthpiece of this administration chirping the same lie. Now comes the media tie-in that is so important from The Conservative Tree House piece: CNN.

CNN never aired the Nick Robertson report in Egypt because it completely contradicted President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s assertions.   In short, the Robertson report, if aired, would have proved Obama and Clinton were lying.

The Nick Robertson CNN report was filmed on 9/11/12, yes the exact morning of the Cairo embassy protest, and, by coincidence, it would have aired at the exact moment Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama began attributing the Egyptian embassy protest to a “U-Tube Video”.   A U-Tube Video the U.S. Cairo embassy itself was unaware of until 9/9/12.

CNN’s refusal to air the real reasoning for the Egyptian Embassy protest turned assault was intentional protection of President Obama, specifically orchestrated by the CNN News group, at the behest of the White House.   Specific, intentional, lying.

CNN was first on the scene in Benghazi. CNN saw the devastation. They recovered Steven’s journal. They read it. They used it. CNN would have to have figured out that this attack in Benghazi was not part of any protest over an obscure (now famous) crappy video on YouTube.

CNN assisted this administration in developing this excuse/lie with the outing of Nakoula. The administration needed its usual villain. By the way, I don’t think it’s ever been determined how CNN figured out who he was.

Bottom line: CNN knew these protests and the attacks on the Consulate that left 4 Americans dead were not about a video on YouTube and that excuse was a cover-up for the real reason behind the Cairo protest – the Blind Sheik’s release. Benghazi happened and CNN likely freaked out once they connected the dots. I know I would have.

Now consider that a night ago, in a nationally televised debate, the President not only tried to dodge this entire topic but he hid behind CNN’s Candy Crowley while she did the dirty work for him.

Beyond incredible.

Update 2-2-13: This idea is making the rounds on Facebook again. Looks like someone read Conservative Treehouse’s post, as this is the article being cited. I can’t find the Washington Examiner piece the authors cite, nor do they link to it.

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