Hofstra Presidential Debate – Romney Wins on Pts, Obama More Aggressive, Crowley 3rd Debater

Last night was the second Presidential debate at Hofstra University.  In case you missed it, Mr. Liberty live blogged it in VodkaPundit style — with a healthy serving of Bourbon.  Check out his comments, I think he did very well for blogging his first debate, all bias and bourbon aside. My own comments are below the useful links.

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The media set an expectation for last night’s debate that was not met. Yes, Obama did better in attitude but the substance was still not there. Take away the attitude and you had an empty chair spewing campaign slogans in a jumbled order that made no sense.  In almost every answer, Obama went for the class warfare tack.

Of note, the audience and questioners seemed less like undecided voters and more like Candy Crowley/ Team Obama hand-picked plants. Maybe they weren’t, but they sure seemed rather biased.  So, I’m giving this debate to Romney since he not only had to debate Obama, but also the Moderator and the audience. After the debate, the Left had their panic attacks when they realized Obama fell short of what he needed to do last night, which of course included more death threats to Romney.


Romney won on points. He had the clear grasp of the issues and conveyed them very well. Mr. Liberty didn’t like the moments when Romney got a bit aggressive himself early on, but I didn’t mind that so much. For me, it was Romney establishing he wasn’t going to be Joe Bidened by Obama. Romney settled down and hit his stride not long after. Romney got in a favorite line of mine from the last debate and used ‘trickle down government‘ to hit Obama and highlight again there are two paths in this election.

Key hits were on oil and gas, taxes and Benghazi, despite the moderator debating for Obama on that one.  Romney would have done well to mention Obama just cut off drilling in half of Alaska during the gas prices part. Mitt landed strong blows to Obama on China. Could have been harder.

Most of the questions were alright, but one initially made me angry until Romney stepped in and aced it. That question essentially asked how Romney was different from George Bush. My first reaction: Uh, is Romney running against Obama or Bush?? Then I calmed down and realized this was Romney’s chance to take away the Bush card.  Romney responded brilliantly:

President Bush and I are — are different people and these are different times and that’s why my five point plan is so different than what he would have done.

I mean for instance, we can now, by virtue of new technology actually get all the energy we need in North America without having to go to the — the Arabs or the Venezuelans or anyone else. That wasn’t true in his time, that’s why my policy starts with a very robust policy to get all that energy in North America — become energy secure.

Number two, trade — I’ll crack down on China, President Bush didn’t. I’m also going to dramatically expand trade in Latin America. It’s been growing about 12 percent per year over a long period of time. I want to add more free trade agreements so we’ll have more trade.

Number three, I’m going to get us to a balanced budget. President Bush didn’t. President Obama was right, he said that that was outrageous to have deficits as high as half a trillion dollars under the Bush years. He was right, but then he put in place deficits twice that size for every one of his four years. And his forecast for the next four years is more deficits, almost that large. So that’s the next area I’m different than President Bush.

And then let’s take the last one, championing small business. Our party has been focused too long. I came through small business. I understand how hard it is to start a small business. That’s why everything I’ll do is designed to help small businesses grow and add jobs. I want to keep their taxes down on small business. I want regulators to see their job as encouraging small enterprise, not crushing it.

And the thing I find the most troubling about Obama Care, well it’s a long list, but one of the things I find most troubling is that when you go out and talk to small businesses and ask them what they think about it, they tell you it keeps them from hiring more people.

My priority is jobs. I know how to make that happen. And President Bush has a very different path for a very different time. My path is designed in getting small businesses to grow and hire people.

One of the best parts for Romney last night was this exchange below. It was the best because it embodies what this election is really about and Romney delivers a masterful response that rings true. The RNC has already turned it into an ad.

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Obama was better this debate. He came out stronger and quickly figured out pulling the interrupting game like Biden did was going to get him face to face with Romney more than he liked. Obama did continually borrow Biden’s smirk – more than just once and at really inappropriate times. If you look past Obama’s demeanor, one realizes he never really answered the questions put to him but instead chose to attack Romney. This was no more clear than the last question where Obama cowardly hits Romney when he has no follow-up to respond instead of speaking about himself, which was the point of the question.

Obama, with the aid of Candy Crowley, chose to lie in a national debate on Benghazi — again. I don’t think anyone missed that one.  Also, Obama never did answer the question posed on Benghazi; he walked away just like he did to the media pool at Kingsmill.

Obama also had a few lines that I am sure will haunt him, one being that gas prices were low because we were on the edge of economic collapse. Really? Obama also flailed and tossed falsehoods about by bringing up the bailouts.

The President also said there are some jobs that are never coming back — wow, hope and change? Obama’s big problem remains that he has a crappy record and that he still has no second term agenda to speak of.

Obama didn’t answer the questions posed from start to finish, but instead engaged in avoidance demagoguery. Fine example – the final question was supposed to be about themselves, Romney answered it but Obama used it to attack Romney.

Sometimes, when the President was dodging questions, he resorted to outright lies as he did with his mention of the AZ immigration law.  We got a lot of attitude last night and not much substance; recycled slogans and empty platitudes delivered in a condescending lecturer cadence.

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Crowley. Where to begin. Candy Crowley was so out of line, it was unbelievable. Crowley played the part of Joe Biden with the interruptions last night. The woman proved herself to be a partisan hack incapable of moderating without inserting herself into the debate as a participant. Her interception of the Benghazi question was incredibly stupid, arrogant, biased and on top of it all, factually WRONG.  Crowley was forced to back track and admit Romney was right. Of note in the Obama tank, Chris Matthews has some walking back of his own to do. I sincerely hope she continues to be skewered over this one for a long time, because she deserves every second of it. Her second biggest obvious bit of hackery was cutting Romney off on Fast and Furious; giving a life-preserver to Obama as a result. Meanwhile, she did not redirect Obama on the same question with regards to the gun violence in his own hometown of Chicago nor did she explore the Fast and Furious topic with Obama. Crowley did not follow her own rules, neither did the FLOTUS.

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