Benghazi-Gate: Get Under The Bus Edition

Holy. Finger. Pointing. Batman.

Image via Frugal Cafe

Image via Frugal Cafe

This administration is really making a dog’s dinner out of Benghazi. I’d like to offer a pro-tip to them: don’t try to throw Hillary under the bus.  I’m just sayin’… and Zilla agrees, Obama Doesn’t Have A Big Enough Bus. Hillary and Bill won’t take this lying down. Mrs. Clinton is already out on defense, who she is really defending will remain to be seen: Hillary Clinton Breaks Silent Streak on Benghazi Attack


Clinton agreed at an earlier appearance Friday, speaking to reporters alongside Italy’s foreign minister.

“We do not have all the answers. No one in this administration has ever claimed otherwise.”

“We are providing the best information we have at that time and that information continues to be updated, it also continues to be put into context and more deeply understood through the process we are engaged in,” she said.

There are three separate investigations into the attack going on now: an FBI probe into the deaths of the four Americans, an independent inquiry by a panel appointed by Clinton and the congressional hearings.

UPDATE: Daily Mail UK – Hillary Clinton reveals what REALLY led to Benghazi massacre – and demolishes White House claim it was triggered by anti-Islam film (Must see Video at the bottom)

Obama and Clinton were such pals up until now. He made sure she was very visible at his remarks on Benghazi, remember? No way he was standing alone up there on this one. NO. WAY.  Solo photo ops are reserved for playing the race card, not talking about your extreme incompetence, American blood on your hands and imploding foreign policy.

Indeed. Perhaps if Obama had attended his intel briefings and had not gone to bed before knowing Ambassador Stevens’ fate maybe he could have claimed otherwise.  Doesn’t the buck stop here?

Oh and Joe, tossing that dog mess in a flaming brown paper bag at the CIA during the VP debate? Yeah, not so smart. They’re pushing back too.  I would give the advice to the FBI that they are probably next and to cut their stonewalling and excuse making:

The citizens of this country see the lies piling up. We watch Obama, Biden and Cutter up there yapping about a video meanwhile the people know the truth and we are horrified:

A word to Jay Carney: no amount of spin is going to fix this. Obama lied. Stevens Died. Al Qaeda is alive.

You keep your bus, Mr. President… Mr. Vice President and Mr. Carney.  We the people are not going to be thrown under it.

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