Biden Bungled Benghazi (Updated)

It’s a few days after the debate, with the inappropriate laughing, interrupting bombastic moments, smirks an in general being a total jerk aside — Biden really bungled parts of that debate.

Romney on the stump accurately laid out Biden’s remarks:

The biggest bungle being Benghazi. This administration is STILL LYING! The second biggest bungle for Biden was abortion, but  here it is ABC’s transcript of the debate – they completely cut out Biden’s response where he repeats the no debunked talking points. This is a screenshot from 8:30 am this morning (10-13-12):

Notice Biden has ONE sentence and then it turns to Paul Ryan’s response?
This is the actual transcript as it should read (NY TIMES):

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: What it was, it was a tragedy, Martha. It — Chris Stevens was one of our best. We lost three other brave Americans.

And I can make absolutely two commitments to you and all of the American people tonight: One, we will find and bring to justice the men who did this.

And secondly, we will get to the bottom of it, and whatever — wherever the facts lead us, wherever they lead us, w will make clear to the American public, because whatever mistakes were made will not be made again.

When you’re looking at a president, Martha, it seems to me that you should take a look at his most important responsibility. That’s carrying forward the national security of the country. And the best way to do that is take a look at how he’s handled he issues of the day.

On Iraq, the president said he would end the war. Governor Romney said that was a tragic mistake; we should have left — that he ended it — Governor Romney said that was a tragic mistake; we should have left 30,000 troops there.

With regard to Afghanistan, he said he will end the war in 2014. Governor Romney said we should not set a date, number one, and number two, with regard to 2014, it depends.

When it came to Osama bin Laden, the president, the first day in office — I was sitting with him in the Oval Office. He called in the CIA and signed an order saying, my highest priority is to get bin Laden.

Prior to the election, prior to the — him being sworn in, Governor Romney was asked a question about how he would proceed. He said, I wouldn’t move heaven and earth to get bin Laden. He didn’t understand it was more than about taking a — a murderer off the battlefield; it was about restoring America’s heart and letting terrorists around the world know if you do harm to America, we will track you to the gates of hell, if need be.

And lastly, the — the president of the United States has — has led with a steady hand and clear vision. Governor Romney, the opposite. The last thing we need now is another war.

Why would ABC not include that? 

Oversight maybe? Odd. Re-reading it though, you realize Biden didn’t answer the question until Ryan started beating him over the head with lie about the video. In fact, if you read the transcript, Biden tries to dodge most of his questions until Ryan calls him out in some way.

I also noted in the Times rendition of the transcript, the include one parenthetical sigh notation for Ryan and it’s on the Benghazi answer. Ironically, after Ryan’s first response, Biden says this:

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Am I going to get to say anything here?


Back to the point at hand, Benghazi. Biden bungled it, emphasis mine:

MS. RADDATZ: What were you first told about the attack? Why were people talking about protests? When people in the consulate first saw armed men attacking with guns, there were no protesters. Why did that go on for weeks?

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Because that’s exactly what we were told —

MS. RADDATZ: By who?

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: — by the intelligence community. The intelligence community told us that. As they learned more facts about exactly what happened, they changed their assessment. That’s why there’s also an investigation headed by Tom Pickering, a leading diplomat in the — from the Reagan years, who is doing an investigation as to whether or not there were any lapses, what the lapses were, so that they will never happen again. But —

MS. RADDATZ: And they wanted more security there.

VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: Well, we weren’t told they wanted more security again. We did not know they wanted more security again. And by the way, at the time we were told exactly — we said exactly what the intelligence community told us that they knew. That was the assessment. And as the intelligence community changed their view, we made it clear they changed their view. That’s why I said, we will get to the bottom of this.

You know, usually when there’s a crisis, we pull together. We pull together as a nation. But as I said, even before we knew what happened to the ambassador, the governor was holding a press conference — was holding a press conference. That’s not presidential leadership.

These remarks by the Vice President contradict everything we know to date. This administration is still lying even as the spotlight shines down on them. That last paragraph really shows the lengths this President will go to to save himself. So desperately they want to toss any amount of blame they can on Romney. Incredible.

Carney begins spin mode of Biden’s remarks:

What’s not so incredible (in fact I called it a week ago) is that since their first scapegoat didn’t work, now they need a second and they are preparing Hillary Clinton for that role. I don’t expect Clinton to go down without a fight; she has a bus of her own to throw Obama under. Given State department Victoria Nuland’s remarks yesterday, we can gauge that this administration plans to play deaf, dumb and blind. This administration is spinning in circles trying to find someone else to blame – even going back to the video as an excuse!(Related: DNC Chair: Wrong Statements About Libya Attack Doesn’t Mean False Statements About Libya )

Also of note, the attempt to paint Benghazi as a ‘budget failure’ in the Oversight hearing was outright rejected, forcing the White House is having to walk that one back now as well:


Update: A must read over at Conservative Treehouse.


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  1. And the guy who made the mo video is still in jail, despite his having not committed any crime regarding said mo video. He is the first official prisoner of Obama’s sharia enforcement.


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  4. Don says:

    The survivors were in Tripoli within 12 hours and were immediately debriefed. They would have told the State Department that there was no protest, and it was a sudden assault with heavy weapons. The President must be confronted. It is absurd to think that he did not know the truth in the first 24 hours. Obama must then explain to the world why he perpetrated a lie about the cause of the assault.


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