The 2012 VP Debate – Ryan vs Biden

The VP debate is tonight. I have my wings, beer and ample supply of popcorn ready. I’ve also got my VP debate drinking game rules handy – literally. Joe’s a known gaffe machine, but let’s not forget how in the past he has appealed to voters and remained in the Senate as long as he has. Let’s hope Joe remembers it is Congressman Ryan he is facing and not Governor Ryan.

Dennis Miller thinks it will be a bloodbath:


Let’s warm up with some past Biden debate videos & clips:


Now let’s hear from Paul Ryan:


Gee, looks like Ryan can handle his own… against the President. Wonder if Joe’s going to bring enough heat? I expect Biden to be the aggressor and avoid math at all costs. Biden’s biggest strength in the past has been foreign policy, but clearly he needs to steer clear of it as much as possible this time around given the events that unfolded in Benghazi. I’m sure we’ll see Biden tout the killing of Bin Laden instead. Biden needs to play the centrist card to win – or even tie at this point, but in doing so loses the race (and the base) for his clearly left of center President. Ryan needs to stay cool, but firm. Pull a logical Spock snack down on Biden’s emotional railing Kirk.

I find it rather scary that the Democrats are counting on Joe Biden to reclaim the race for Obama. The party has put Obama’s re-election in the hands of Joe Biden. Yikes? In doing so, they have conceded that Obama has either lost already or is not capable of winning on his own. Not exactly the candidate people want to place their trust in for four more years.

)Then there is the moderator factor. Leher was widely criticized for his lackluster moderation in the first Presidential debate. Leher got run over a few times, however I think he did the nation a favor in letting the candidates actually speak.  We were treated to what this President is really all about without his teleprompter.

Going into the VP debate, the moderator is ABC’s Martha Raddatz. This moderator is battling for her reputation even before the debate. Seeing as the President is a close pal, one can see why. (Read: ABC News scrambles to cover up Barack Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding )

Elizabeth Foley at Instapundit adds this:

TONIGHT’S DEBATE MODERATOR RADDATZ HAS A HISTORY OF COMPLAINTS:  According to Joel Pollack at Breitbart, the VP debate moderator, ABC News’ Martha Raddatz, was widely criticized for her performance as the moderator of a 1990 Massachusetts gubernatorial race.  Reports Pollack:

In the days that followed, Raddatz–then known as Martha Bradlee, after her first marriage to fellow reporter Ben Bradlee, Jr.–came under intense criticism from the League of Women Voters for what they called “irrelevant,” personal questions.

During the debate, candidates Francis X. Bellotti and John R. Silber were asked, among other things, what they do when they see a homeless person, asked to describe their personal driving records, to comment on their prior knowledge of Kitty Dukakis’ problems with drugs and alcohol and to itemize the value of their real estate holdings,” reported Renee Loth of the Boston Globe at the time [1].

The League of Women Voters complained that Raddatz’s questions produced “no insight into the programs or policies of the candidates.”

A Democratic consultant agreed: “I don’t mind saying on the record that this was a crop of absolutely ridiculous, frivolous questions that were designed to call attention to the questioner,” i.e. to Raddatz.

Should be entertaining!

Indeed, it should be. I fully expect a Ryan-math-logic smack down of an emotional-aggitated-Biden.

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  1. MM says:

    Foreign policy is Joe’s greatest strength? Whoa. His greatest asset is his unvarnished snarkiness-that’s what Paul needs to be armed and ready for. Unlike Romney who neither needed or used a blistering zinger although he sure came close, I’d love to see a couple here.


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