Benghazi Hearing Turns Into Blamefest; Rep. Cummings Forgets Amb. Stevens Name

The State Department and the Obama Administration have lied to Americans about what happened in Benghazi for weeks now. Why should the hearings yesterday be any different?

In the opening statements at the Oversight Committee’s hearing on Benghazi yesterday, the tone was set by Democrat Elijah Cummings, who could not remember the correct name of the Ambassador that was assassinated:

“We grieve the loss of Ambassador Christopher Smith.”   – Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD)

Shades of Fast and Furious there; Carney forgot Brian Terry’s name too. The same stonewalling is now being put into place as well.:

This fumbling of Stevens’ name added injury to insult, as Cummings attempted to redirect testimony to place blame on Republicans for the actions and inactions of the State Department.  The theme being that it was cut funding that was to blame for the lack of security for Ambassador Stevens and his staff.

The question was asked and the answer was given – budget was not the reason, yet Cummings went down that path anyway. Despicable.:

First a movie is to blame, now it’s funding? No, plain and simple it was a willful ignorance of the facts and refusal to act by the State Department that is to blame.  This State Department and administration cut security and military presence in the area to the bone all on their own, despite the rise in activity there and despite the pleading for more security by Stevens in the weeks leading up to 9/11.

Jake Tapper didn’t drop the ball and came at Carney after the hearing, asking whether or not it was Obama who shot first and aimed later. Carney rebuffed and tried to throw blame on Mitt Romney for the White House’s statements that this wasn’t terrorism but was a movie protest instead.  For a full picture of what went down in the White House briefing, including video, read: Tapper to WH on Benghazi: So, wouldn’t it be President Obama who shot first and aimed later? « Hot Air

Here are some video highlights from yesterday’s hearing, related reading at the bottom:

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  3. cjbrockton says:

    The American public needs to know why this happened, especially when it could have been and should have been prevented. The administration has been throwing out excuses, hoping something may be believed by a gullible public. But there have been no answers. This is a search for the truth, not a partisan showdown, not a ‘campaign element,’ and not an administration attempt to CHA (Obama’s) no matter the cost. It is too serious to be politicized. Cummings is looking like an obstructionist with the ‘they didn’t give us enough notice to participate in Libya trip (even though no one had more than 24 hours.) He opened with an onslaught against the lead-up to these hearings. Maybe informing himself of the facts would help him to fuller cooperation. It would be a basic to learn that the Ambassador’s name is Stevens and not Smith. It would have helped when Lamb was sequencing the deaths of the four Americans if Cummings wasn’t laughing to one of his colleagues. Attributing partisanship goes two ways and it should never be invoked to cover up obstructionist behaviors, a sinister bias with an intention to block the truth, nor to conceal one’s lack of preparation.


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