Stevens Died. Obama Uses Big Bird To Hide.

I’m typing very carefully so I don’t break my keyboard this morning. Yes, I’m that angry. You will be as well when you read the account of what went down in Benghazi on September 11:


At 9.40pm, security agents started hearing loud noises, gunfire and explosions near the front gate.

A barracks at the entrance housing the local militiamen was burnt down, and a large group of armed men was captured on a security camera flowing into the consulate.

The alarm was sounded and one agent, armed with a sidearm and an M4 submachine gun, led Stevens and computer specialist Sean Smith to a safe room inside one of the compound’s two main residences.

The room is equipped with a heavy metal grill and several locks, as well as windows that can be opened only from the inside.

The other security officials armed themselves with long guns, body armor, helmets and ammunition at other buildings.

Two of them made an attempt to enter the building with Stevens, but were forced to retreat after meeting resistance.

Attackers eventually managed to enter the building where the ambassador was hiding and attempted to open the door to the safe room, but to no avail.

Instead, they dumped jerry cans of diesel fuel in the building, lit furniture on fire and set the exterior of the building on fire.


Stevens and Smith did not come out, so the third agent, suffering severely from smoke inhalation, went in and out of the building several times to look for them.

He then climbed to the roof  and collapsed, but not before radioing the other agents to alert them.

The other four agents were able to reunite and take an armored vehicle to Stevens’ building.

They reached the agent on the roof and tried to set up a perimeter. Taking turns enter the building, the agents scoured the premises on their hands and knees for the missing Americans.

Smith was eventually pulled out dead. Stevens was not found.

A six-person quick reaction security team arrived from their compound across town accompanied by about 60 Libyan militiamen accompany. They also attempted to secure a perimeter around the building, but determined that they could not hold it.

Outnumbered by ‘an unbelievable amount of bad guys’ in the compound, the militia fighters told the security team they had to evacuate, according to a State Department official.

Our Ambassador wasn’t just simply murdered, he was ASSASSINATED.

This administration not only blew off warnings leading up to this assassination, they AIDED those intending harm by rejecting the Ambassador’s request for protection and withdrawing what little protection he still had. This is a scandal way beyond all the others we’ve see to date from this President and this administration…but by all means Mr. President, continue to hide behind Big Bird.

Image from NY Post via Twitchy

Mr. President, I wonder how your scapegoat, Nakoula, is doing now in his maximum security isolation cell? Wonder if he gets to watch you galavant around the country to fundraiser after fundraiser on the news or if he is enjoying an episode of Sesame Street?  Professor Reynolds at Instapundit has the same thought I did here:

COMPETENCE: Video? What video? “A senior State Department official says his department never concluded that the consulate attack in Libya stemmed from protests over an American-made video ridiculing Islam, raising further questions about why the Obama administration initially used that explanation after assailants killed four Americans there.” When will Mr. Nakoula get an apology?

No, he won’t get an apology because it’s clearly hide behind the bird time. This administration has got to be kidding us? This is beyond out of touch and into the  realm of absurd. Of all the incredibly important issues that came out of the debate in Denver, this is what they choose as their strategy? They’re using a school-aged icon to hide behind? This President is now employing the Big Bird Strategy… and their sticking to it! This isn’t a laugh or cry moment for the citizens of this nation, this is an “I’m angry as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore” moment.

My God, election day cannot get here fast enough.

UPDATE:  Little good this did our Ambassador and those who died with him. Hillary is now being thrown under the bus. Wonder if she and Nakoula will share a cell block:

Obama Schedule || Wednesday, October 10, 2012

by Keith Koffler on October 9, 2012, 10:03 pm

10:45 am || Receives the President Daily Briefing
2:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of State Clinton

Update II: Nakoula to appear in court to address 8 probation violations. Oh, so he can come out now that there are bounties on his head? This is for show. They will send him back to jail where we likely will never hear from him again – if he lives very long.

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  2. Lu Puma says:

    Susan Rice, an Obama supporter in 2008, was placed by Obama without Hillary Clinton’s input as United Nations Ambassador. Rice was supposed to be a power center against Hillary Clinton and therefore was also given cabinet level status and a direct line to Barack Obama without having to go through the Secretary of State. Want to know why it was Susan Rice, not the Secretary of State that went on a flurry of talk shows to announce that it was a Youtube video that led to the death of an American Ambassador, the sacking of American embassies, and riots in Muslim capitals? Get a clue, Hillary Clinton would not go on TV to lie for Obama and in either case Barack Obama did not trust her to do so.


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